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Joe williams
vancouver bc canada
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hey there everyone,
my name is joe, im 29 years old , wife , 4 kids ,
its a blessing that i found you guys know because my family owns 60 acres september 2010 we finaly start building 9 - 12 houses per acre. i am so excited!
i have always enjoyed the thought of real estate but have never taken action.
1st step get the books ------------------DEC 2
2nd step buyers list --------------------DEC 9 started
3rd find realtor ------------------------DEC 9 second atempt try harder dig in
4th 30 - 60 % off market value ----------Goal DEC 15
5th assign the first 3 deals ------------Goal my birthday DEC 31 2009
this may not be for you but i have to hold myself accountable

bettering myself and becoming a more positive person

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proerty management companies joesidea014 years 18 weeks ago

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heavy equipment operator dozer , excavator , you know fun stuff
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Joined April 26 ,I am from Nanaimo.Love realestate investing.Am in Palm Springs right now checking the area out!

expansion is good as long as it isn't my waistline

Hi, met Dean Graziosi back in April in Palm Desert and excited to get started as a Real Estate investor. Glad to see some local folks.

Seeking REI club in GTA

semi retired with desire to expand retirement funding withi a two year time frame..Currently resideing Durham Region

Fellow Canadian in GTA

Hi Folks,

Took the 3 day Seminar in Nov.2012 . Am now working my way through the hand outs!
Hoping to eventually learn about & acquire income properties.

Investing in Ontario

W are new and investing in the Ontario Sector. Wondering how everything turned out?