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Hola Jose,

Welcome to our community; you will really enjoy our company.

Take care,

i am trying to edit my web site and i dont have the link

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can you e mail me the rigtjh link please
i ll thank you for it

Banks that don't require seasoning

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Does anybody can give a name to a bank that does not require seasoning?
Any info will be appreciated.


My first Deal

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Craisiest thing ever, sended post cards all over the area 300 and something post cards. Time went by , got a few leads but nothing promissing. I thought , this dont work, oh well ,I knew there was nothing out there. So i went on with my life, bearly keept listening to Deans audios and videos. So one day I got a call form a guy whos ex wife past away, the deed was left to him. All he wanted is to do is sell the house, get some cash and go on with his life , I made him an offer, I was so nervous I tough he was going to get mad, or something,but no, he just said ok , wawwww I was like what? He say yes, I got so exited this was my first offer ever to anyone and it got accepted , how do you think i felt?, wawwwww. So i went to see him after church, we fill out the contract, but i dint even have him sing it, he just wroght his name on it. So i went and place the add on CList, nobody call, for two weeks, nothing, so then i call the seller , I told him i needed to drop the offer another 5000 he said yes, so i placed a different add at the exact same number the seller was asking for the house. I got a call the next day and sold the house that same day, I just asked that the buyer paid me 5000 for assigning the contract to him, so, he say he would. This is how made my first 5000 on my first deal. I am very exited and want keep doing this again and again. Its awesome. Thanks to Dean and all the other students whom I have leard so much from.It felt great to have accomplish something different besides what I ever learn form my family and friends and traditional ways of making a leaving.

Thanks and God Bless everyone.


Looking for partners and or private money.

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Hi, My name is Jose.
I live in North Carolina, the mountains of North Carolina. This area is a great area to Invest , a lot of people are always moving in to the area. I am a person with very good construction skills, got a lot of experience in rehabing houses, but like many people, we know that there is not a lot of future in it unless you can buy your own houses, fix them up and sell them or rent them. If there some one out there who would like to become partners or wants to make money on your money, feel free to contact me. I am very much willing to work hard to make things happen, I just need someone to place his or her faith in me and give me a chance to proove my self to you and to make us both a great return or our investments.