Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #126 - The Benefits of Delayed Gratification

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog It's a fast moving, fast food, get it now society that we live in. It seems nobody wants to be a bamboo farmer.

Well this week Dean masterfully eases us into the mindset of patience and persistence. Hey...maybe your kids should watch this one with you eh? Have a great week.

Patience and persistence

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are two attributes you need to be a successful real estate investor. This job isn't easy and in many ways it is getting more complicated due to government regulator, who mean well, but don't have a clue on how the economy works.


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Another great video with great information.It was a rough week, last week in R.E. so this video came at a great time.I catch myself getting down and questioning things from time to time.
Thanks for the words of encouragement and hope you and your family and the whole DG Family had a great Easter. Take care Dean.

Best Regards,
Curtis Fillers

Just Starting Out

This is my first day on board ready to work. I wish all the best and remember. Stay focused on the possibilities and not the missed opportunities.



Thanks Dean! Great post - you always seem to keep the motivation going! Happy Easter!!!


what we do today will determine our tomorrow!

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Another incredible blog! Thank you Dean for taking the time and doing what you didn't have to do!

Absolutely, what we do today will determine our tomorrow!

It is work, it does require the sweat, the pain, the sometimes heartache, yes even some tears, having the focus, the give til it hurts and give some more. Doing what it takes even though you may be tired, may be afraid. Stepping out in faith and belief in what you are doing, what you are fight for, yourself and your dream. Never giving up. Sucking it up and just FINDING a way to MAKE it work. No one is going to give it to us, we have to go out and take it, take what we deserve!

I am by NO means even remotely close to where I am going. But I AM one step closer. It WILL pay off. Go from being so afraid of making a call, I have actually gotten sick toooooo will be closing three (3) more deals next week!

If you can take the punches, hit back, climb the walls, go around them or knock them down and no matter how tired, afraid, frustrated, overwhelmed, no one cheering you on, willing to make some sacrifices, willing to make some changes, and no matter how broke you may presently be. IF YOUR DREAM IS BIG ENOUGH THE FACTS DON'T COUNT! You can do this.....WE can do this! If we follow and mirror those that have paved the way, that are handing us a roadmap and telling us, encouraging us to make the journey. If they can do it, we can do it! God is no respecter of persons. We all have the opportunity, we can do it.....we just have to make the decision WILL we do it? Only you can answer that for yourself.

Success is usually one step past failure, but you know'll never see it if you quit!

THANK You Dean for changing my life. BUT stay tuned because you ain't seen nothing yet my friend! Smiling

God Bless you and your family,
Jen Gray


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I hope you and your family had a terrific weekend and a Happy Easter holiday. Thanks for taking the time to do another weekly video blog.

I often say that many people desire the "big score" with investing and do not not want to wait. They want the immediate gradification but with real estate you can get the delayed gratification if you plant the seeds by passing out many business cards and networking. Over time deals will sprout up just like the corn along I-65.

The key is to keep doing all the right things. Thank you for sharing your insight. We are looking forward to the Gain the EDGE in a few weeks. We wish you continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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happy easter to you and your family.thanks for another motivating blog and yes i am listening to you and have heard from you the short cut to the other side but most importantly i am aware through your teachings the delayed gratification that is so needed in real estate.I know for me when i first started learning from the academy that i wanted to make it all happen NOW!!! but do the ACTION ITEMS one at a time and over and over and it is happening right before my eyes !!!! as joe says the deals are sprouting up because i have consistantly kept putting cards out and spreading the have the plan and it is up to us to WORK THE PLAN .

Much of our culture today is instantaneous gratification

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When we put food in the microwave, if it takes more than a minute to heat up, we are impatient. When we are on the internet, if response time lags by even a second, we are annoyed. We have all kinds of instant messaging, tweets, skpe, etc. We have forgotten how to wait. How to plant, water, weed, cultivate, then HARVEST. Real estate takes this. Yes, sometimes a quick deal turns around, but that is the exception. Thanks for the lesson and letting us know, we are not doing something wrong, it just takes time, but the reward is SWEET (like all the chocolate bunnies I ate today Smiling)

It will happen!

I do not know how I did, but it happened! Thanks Dean, just go to these two links and see what I have done with your motivation.

Before it was updated 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom $135,00

After it was updated 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms $300,000

Hey I was not your student yet, but I had 100% of your motivation, and now, I am your student.At the seminaries they say only 1% come back for higher education, so I am on the statistic because I went out there got it done made the money and come back for my higher education in realestate with Dean. You can help a lot more people than you think with this weekly blog and you books are amazing. whoever do not beleave are wrong. just with Deans motivation could have it done why can't you?

Another fine vlog, Mr. Graziosi!!

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I really enjoy these, they are very inspirational and uplifting! Laughing out loud They keep us all going around here! What would we do without you?????! But, seriously, you've got to know how much of an impact you make on hundreds, perhaps thousands of us, each and every week on these vlogs, and each and every day on this forum. God bless your kind heart, Mr. Dean! I look forward to your next one, and your next one, and your next one, and on and on and on. Smiling

Your message brought to mind the principle that what a man sows, that is what he reaps. This a principle that is so broad that it deals with all of life, including REI! Another aspect of this is that if we do not bear one anothers' burdens, then that will come back upon us. If we are high-minded and conceited, then we will get just what we give. So, my point is that it is very important to have an attitude of giving and helping others.

I hope you and your lovely family had a super Easter Smiling I also hope all the DG family had a fantastic Easter as well!



Dean, I don't know how you do it.

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I look forward to your weekly blogs. In the middle of my hectic week, when life is simply overwhelming, I get the encouragement I need to keep going. I don't know how you do it, but every week you bring me a breath of fresh air. It is so refreshing to see someone in action that is successful, that is so genuinely concerned about others. It doesn't matter what topic you use, it is always refreshing and uplifting. God has blessed you with a special gift. I can't say thanks enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


So, Chip had a good idea for the blog. Always good to remind us to persist and that giving up gets you nothing - the sure answer.

so Kudos to all of you who continue to persist as we do with many other Dean family members out there. This too shall one day pay off with delayed gratification.

thank you Dean....


I would agree that I'm my own worst enemy to success. It never seizes' to amaze me how much I get in my own way. If I spent as much time doing the simple tasks that are required in this business, instead of stinking thinking, I'd be on my way. I remember hearing this from a mentor, "When is NOW a good time to take action." Thank you Dean for the thought provoking blog.

Thank you for the

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Thank you for the encouragement! Starting out has been overwhelming. Looking forward to the gratification real soon!

Thank You Dean

Thank you for this week's message. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been working toward my first deal and feeling frustrated. I don't want any negative emotion to deter me from my goals and moving ahead. I am starting the morning on a more positive and inspired note. I am so anxious to prove to myself I can succeed, but I need to tell myself to be patient and success will come.

So True

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Thanks Dean for this reminder! It is nice to know that all the hard efforts and persistance will not be wasted as long as we stick to it and keep plugging away! We, being new DG'ers, have not had that Gratification yet - but are encouraged to keep working at it and can't wait to reap the benefits!!

Thanks as always, the Browley Team!

The payoff will come!

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Hey Dean. Thanks for another great blog. As John and I are putting the finishing touches on our presentation for Edge 2011, we've talked about the steps we took to achieve the success in real estate that we have enjoyed. I remember going through the courses and team-building and looking at countless houses and thinking "Are we ever going to make money doing this?"

That wasn't fun. BUT...getting our first offer accepted and cashing our first $17,000 check - that was a blast. Delayed gratification is still gratification!! See you in a couple of weeks - Lois & John Ermatinger


Earl in MI's picture I just woke up...watched this great blog. I have said a lot of the same things this week to my room mate. These are the things I have to tell myself everyday to move ahead!! The one thing my brain locked in on was that Mr. Dean was sitting in front of a book shelf with lots of REI books. I use to work for a Doctor (one primary and several secondaries) and their offices were filled with books and magazines. Along with sll their diplomas and certs and awards. They keep themselves well educated on the new, latest and greatest info in their respected fields. It was just a strange obsevervation I there is the medical twist to it...

blog 126

hi dean another great blog having a rough morning had major surgery last week still under the weather just getting so i can sit up but enjoyed the blog today .


Dean, we all fall short regardless of it's Real Estate or something else but you hit the nail right on the head sometimes it isn't fun making the calls and getting the NO's but when you do get that YES it all is worth it. Thank you for being such a humble teacher your words are always inspiring.


Words of Wisdom

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Kudos Dean...Always enjoy your blog and this one is no exception. I am amazed at how you happen to come up with just the right information for the time. This is so important to know and think about. No get rich quick deals, just hard work!! Thanks again.


Delayed Gratification!

A must have in this industry and in life as well.
Without it, we are doom to give up too soon. Get a word of truth and encouragement, and keep doing what will eventually bring you success.
Thanks for the advise.

Delayed Gratification

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Dean - I really liked the analogy you used comparing farming to delayed gratification. Especially in regard to starting by clearing the field, plowing it with a team of horses... doing the things necessary to get to the harvest.

I appreciate the way you are able to take a job or a challenge and break it down. Making the end result something we can all visualize.

Thanks. Steve Hunter

One of the Best!

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Dean, your message this week is one of the best for inspiration that you have done. At least for me. The work at hand is not really hard, but rather time consuming. While I'm struggling to get that first Assignment deal, hearing the negatives on occasion, following every aspect of the teaching to the book and then I hear this Monday morning blog at 7:05am (a late start for me; usually I start at 5am), I suddenly remember why I'm doing this. You reminded me it is more then just the financial payoff. It is being in more control of all aspects of my life.

Delayed Gratification - Wonderful Reminder

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Your reminder to keep our goal in mind and o "keep on keeping on" knowing that there is indeed delayed gratification. Slugging through all of the refusals and "no's" to get to the "yes's" is hard, but as you said, well worth it.


Thanks Dean for reminding me of what all the hard work is truly about. No turning back just to keep moving forward with the confidence I will get with getting my first deal done. Cant wait to tell all the DGers about it.


First time commenting on DG blog

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I just want to say that i have whatched your videos in the pass and i allways get incourage by them. Thanks for what you do, I am getting started on my real estate adventure and this topic was just the rigth thing for me to have heard today. I realize is not going to happen over nigth, therefore i will give all i got to succed, since turning back is not an option, i have tryed to do the traditional and got me no where, but I know this is it, all got to do is first renew my thinking and then take action, Thanks Dean and to all those who blogs in here.

Take Care Jose

Blog video

Thank you Dean, for those thoughts to keep me on the track. Erica

Thanks Dean

Another awsome blog! Thanks again for continuing to motivate all of us, your humble students. This is a very hard buisness to get started in, lots of ground work to do if you really want to build it big, but there are so many rewards to be had if you do. I can see how so many people could "try" this buisness and give up because they never saw "the big picture" and let all the negitivity get the best of them. It is so awsome that you try so hard to be a positive force to help keep us pushing forward! I have done several other courses before ordering your book, and all the others dropped a bunch of information on you and then they where gone, leaving you with no real direction or assistance. One charged $1500.00 to go to a 3 day "workshop" and in those 3 days throw tons of tid-bits and hipe at us, but nothing solid and expected us to pay $40,000.00 to go on a "bus trip" to learn more. I'm sorry, I know i got a little off track, but I just want people to understand how truly blessed we are to have a wonderful and truly caring mentor in you, and why I hold the upmost respect for you. You really are a rare person, and I consider myself extreamly lucky to have found you. Keep up the great work.

So True!

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I am one of the most instant gratification people I know! And real estate has been a big test in that, but at the same time a great lesson for me in life. There are many things we can satisfy that need with - but success in RE is not one of them! As you state here - its the slow, determined, deliberate small steps that build a strong foundation for reaping the rewards down the line in this business. BUT ARE THEY WORTH IT Smiling Thanks as always for your time Dean in sharing and inspiring everyone! And now its time for me to go meet some bankers Smiling

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