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dear lopezbee....

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in reference to your little possible aquisition, my ONLY thinking in this situation is: you could possibly put the properties under contract and have your "friends" sign a "RELEASE OF AUTORIZATION" so that you could talk with his lender on THIER behalf, and what i would propose is simple: SHORT SALE the 2 properties, and try to come up with a way to get financing, because banks don't mess around when it comes to offers, they want a "PRE-APPROVAL LETTER" showing you have the funds to purchase the properties, thats about the ONLY option you have, considering thiers NO EQUITY, YOUR HERO, SULLY.

Upside down properties

Thanks Sully,

You really know your subject; Do you know how long is the process of short selling? They are hoping to get 7 months out of the rents before being foreclosed. This comes out to around 27k.

HELP!!! Buying My First Home

Hi All,

There's a foreclosed home being offered for $145,900. It's a two family house; but I will use it as one family. The bank is requesting preapproval letter with offers and my credit is in the gutter. I tried asking others to buy it; but no luck.

What creative way can I contract this home? I will be able to come up with the 3.5% FHA and some other cash.

Please help!!!


Need help!

hey Lopez how do i fill out the contracts for an assignment i got this guy with 2 properties and I have him ready to go i just cant seem to figure out how to do the contracts.