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I am a stay at home mom of four who has always had an interest in real estate. I have purchased previous REI programs but never did anything w/ them.

I have seen Dean Graziosi commericals over the last couple of years and always thought yeah $19.95 now but after you get the program you are going to find out you really need to pay $$$ more to get the full system. (I guess I was wrong)
Now I am ready to get my feet wet.

My goal is to be able to help out financially and not let everything be on my husband. He deserves more and so do my babies.

Look out Atlanta Here I Come, lol.

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Welcome msmoore, "When in doubt fire-out" that's just an old saying my high school footbal coach use to tell me. Here is the comment on your first post. What did sensay(Dean) teach you grasshoppa? Remember you have all the answers you need in the teachers(Dean) manual, Use the tools sensay (Dean) provided you with! The "PFRERN" book! Remember "stay focused" grasshoppa!


Realtors are almost impossible to work with. When you call them always ask if "they" work with "investors". IF you do not get anywhere, there is always "motivated sellers". They are less picky, and welcome you to get them out of a "bad situation". You will need market values and comps. There are paid services for this but Deans' totalviewrealestate website is pretty close to the comps provided by realtors. I stopped working with realtors because on every offer that I made they wanted an Earnest Money deposit and proof of funds. The proof of funds was not a problem, because I have lenders that will provide me a proof of funds letter, but I am not willing to pay the earnest money because I am assigning my contracts. I am currently studying for my real estate license. I will have my license by the end of the year. You might want to think about doing this also. Then the MLS will not be a problem, PLUS I will have inside info on the great deals as they come up to include REOs. I am thinking about specializing in REO properties also. Anyway hope this helps Mrs. Moore. Let me know how you come out. "Dean" IS the "real deal". I have ALL of his books. They each were worth the "$19.95". Take care...

Properties for sale in Georgia

Hi Mrs. Moore,
How are you? I am working with an Investor selling SFR, move in ready, quality properties in Georgia. Properties have equity and good cash flow potential. Can deal now.