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Bobbie Smith
Los Angeles
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I’ve been interested in real estate ever since I first worked for a top Realtor in the 80's. At that time I had other interest and thought real estate was way beyond me. Frankly, I felt I could learn how to speak a foreign language before I could learn RE.Smiling I am very much interested in Wholesaling RE at this time since my purse is nearly bare. Now, is the right time for me to pursue RE Investing.

Everyday, I become more compelled to get some kind of RE reading done. I know I can do it as long as I follow the Wholesale path. Get myself a home or two+ and 4plex. Eventually, I would like to take a step towards commercial properties.

I want to do my utmost best in RE and bring happiness to those I meet on my journey. Many thanks to Dean for all his continuous efforts to guide us along the way. Thank you Carol Stinson for being my inspiration to move ahead. As I venture into this new RE world, I can already feel the love and support the DG family have and I thank you. I feel really fantastic about what comes next.

Family time, Writing, Real Estate(Wholesale), cooking, reading, photography, entertaining, collecting tea cups, participating at community events,earning money,decorating and crafts.

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