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Edwin (means rich friend : ) Collins
Orange County New York OCC represent'n !
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We've lived in this house for 15 years. I've worked for Big Brown for 16 years. Thanks to that steady employment I've been able to build equity and an excellent credit history. I feel that this is the perfect storm of real estate investment. Prices and interest rates are way down and demand for rentals is high. I bought my first home, a three family in Middletown NY in July 2010. Paid cash 100k down from 115 by pulling equity out of my home. About to close on my second house, a two family also in Middletown. This one I got down to 110k from 124. This one is hurting a bit more since I'm only barrowing 75%. My rents will bring in over $4500.00 per month!

making money, home improvements, golf, tennis, weight lifting, boating, motorcycles etc.

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computer programmer
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Hello Ed my name is Eddie Nava

I lived in Orange County NY almost 2 years ago. I moved to Petersburg,VA. I am now living in Colonial Heights, VA I see so much potential with the city next to me, but I have been keeping up with the real estate market in OCNY and If we can network and work together i think we can make things happen.

feel free to contact me at anytime.

thank you

Ready to get started.

To Lakers...

I have been a spectator for quite some e time. Ready to get out there, need a little, I mean a kick in the rear to get involved. Let me know if you have any meetings planned. I live in the Orange county area and see many possibilities.