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Staying fit and many outdoor hobbies.

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Hello and Good morning DG family hope everybody is having a good day just wanted to thank everybody that is involved in this RE info site that is really nice and willing to help one another.This site is been my favorite for the past 2weeks there is lots and lots of really good stuff.I never read or seen so much usefull info and people compack in just one website really happy to be here and be part of this family. Really looking forward to get to know lots of intelligent individuals!!!!!!!!

I'm fresh out the oven!!!

I'm fresh out the oven. and need some tips on where to start, any suggestion

To obeezal

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One good way to start is in the start here FAQs session of this site and just look around and try to read as much, olot of questions you have will be answer cause there is olot of people here that have ask many questions also and good luck whit your juerney.


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Good luck with real estate investing. Thanks for participating in the DG forums and on the DG website. I look forward to reading about your progress and deals along the way. Keep up the good work! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Hey joe

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Thanks joe for the words I got the edge course and man is just amazing how much info is pack in there and by the way I finally got to see who is Indiana-joe was.I am really leaning to probate.I just like averything about it and I have done good research and been working on it almost everyday so for sure when I do my first deal I will spill the info on DG family.Thanks again joe.