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Harker Heights, TX
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Hi! I'm Linda, 40, married to a wonderful local man in my area! He's my biggest supporter! He's the reason I got Dean's books and tells me everyday that I can do this. He says, "Go to library and get going finding homes and making us some money!" I love him!! I'm working on getting my very first deal started! I hope to be able to post good news in a week or so! Thank you!!

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Well, I'm on way, finished Dean's book, looking at properties, scared to make offers. Looking at Realtors to assist. Trying to figure out a buyer's list. But things are good. My husband got me a REO (Rent to Own) laptop so I can work more at home instead of at the library for and hour!! He's my biggest supporter, he doesn't think I'm crazy. I KNOW Dean's book can work for me, just getting over that "I think I can" hill, is one heck of a climb!!!! Looking into the Academy Coaching also. Thanks so much Dean, I hope, mmhhh, KNOW, I will be one of your success stories!

- The only way to change your life is to take that first step - after that, just one foot in front of the other. -


Keep looking

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Still looking, finding deals, but MAJOR fixer uppers!!! Almost demolishes in fact. But every day, there's new ones out there. Keeping' on, keepin' on!



Hello and Welcome!

I love that you are new and that you are posting already! Smiling

Say Hello, from me, to your wonderful, supportive, 'Mr Linda'! You are lucky that he is so supportive!

Ask questions, read, post, make friends here, I will be your first friend Smiling.

Giving up is no longer an option for you now! This is the Ultimate support group for RE!

I have made some friends on this site and I am so thrilled about it, I have met some people who I am so excited to know, outside of this site though our paths would never have crossed. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime! Smiling

Be excited!


Hey I'm new too....

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Just wanted to let you know that i'm also new and have lots of questions too.
My name is Alex Rubio from Houston, Tx I am married and have a beautiful 7 month old baby girl. They are the reason I'm doing this.
Well I thought we could network since we are both new maybe we can encourage each other don't you think.
Tell your huaband that he is doing the right thing by supporting you...that is very important for your success!!!
Take care