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Just listened to your video

Thank you for your inspirations. Never have I encountered such a person besides my grandmother, who has a heart to help others. I have already tuned into studying your course with vigorous intent and kept the tv off until my husband get home at night. Even then I seem to be engulfed in learning all I can from you.

Needless to say, I and my partner are looking forward to the buying tour and are so excited. I am looking forward to where God is taking me on this journey.

Thank you Dean for being the beacon (becon?) if you will, shedding light to those of us who would otherwise have never known that we could actually realize our dreams. Once again thank you.

La Vonna

Looking for great deals

I am attempting to locate great deals in the following counties for a major investment corporation; San Luis Obisbo, San Diego, and Santa Rosa. If anyone can assist me in this area I would really appreciate it. I am fairly new, eager to learn, and have come across some investors ready to spend somewhere in the arena of $100 million. Please help. Also looking for short term investors for the central valley area of California. We have some awesome bargains here. Unfortunately the investment group is not focussing on this area.

San Diego county

My area of focus is North San Diego County, specifically Oceanside. What is the strategy of your investors; fix and flips, buy and hold or what?

I saw you had deals in Central CA. What area? I have an investor in Tulare who is doing fix and flip.


help for you

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Hi, i live in San Diego the east county i can assist you with locating properties.

help for you

Hello. Thank you for offering to help. Unfortunately I am no longer looking for properties in the San Diego area. I was attempting to work with an investor who was looking for bulk properties but we could never find a bank who would send a list of properties that were workable. Nonetheless, I appreciate your willingness to help. Perhaps we can work together in the near future.

Be Blessed,

La Vonna

Properties Below FMV

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Hi La Vonna,

my name is Paula, I too is new to RE Investing, and would like to partner with you if you don't mind. I have not done a deal yet, and would like to start ASAP. 972-346-2596