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Northern Virginia
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Senior Resident Civil Engineer, Certified Proffesional Drycleaner, Business Owner Import/Export and Construction License A Builder

Real Estate, Construction Private Business

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Civil Engineer
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Desalegn Gemerew

Hi you doing sir, my name is Desalegn, and I can’t express how motivated I was after reading your profile, I to share the same story as you. At this moment I am 20yrs old, in college and am working full time getting paid $15 an hour. I am a very un experienced in real estate, but like you I am very driven and motivated, what advise can you give me on how to become a new investor, I have fair credit, and have a real estate agent as a cousin whom I’m close with which he himself has a good friendship with his broker, I reside in Columbus, Ohio, were foreclosure are happening left to right. Do I have the tools I need, were do you suggest I begin, your info would be greatly appreciated.

Motivated new investor

A new Begining


Start by driving arround in areas you can afford to invest in. Your cousin should give you an idea of market prices. Make a list of the address of the properties. Have your cousin provide you the details on all your list. Then go out and see two to three properties a day. Your list should be 20 townhouses. Put your notes on each one. Look for items each properties needs like fixing and reasons things you can use to reduce the listed price. When you narrow down the list to four properties, get a contractor you trust to go to the properies and inspect them with you. Take the list you prepared and go over your list that you made with contractor and add to it. Have the contractor give you a price to fix each property. Make sure he gives you a very competitive price. Then try to negotiate to buy one or two of the properties. Your cousin should be your realtor and he will be your trump card to get the lowest purchase price......You have to get qualified for a loan from your banker or any mortgage company that your cousin recomends.
Good Luck

how do i get started

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Hi im 23 yrs old and trying to build my future i have a little understanding but i dont know how to find the deals i try and try and i'm not going any where so i bought the book and im trying to put the technquies to use i need your help ....

help with getting started in realestate

Hello: My name is steven wilson and i am a realestate novice. I am looking for someone that can give me some information on how to get started with my investing. I hope that there is someway that you can help me, and hopefully it can be the beginning of a very good friendship, and maybe a partnership. I look forward to your reply.

thank you


primary or investor

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hi there ...what are the consciences of buying a property as a primary when you dont intend to occupy the property as your primary residence? What is the worst case scenario? and have you ever done that?