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Lee Jon Sam Fong
Maui, Hawaii
About Me: 

Born and raised in Hawaii with a 2year old and girlfriend working making ends meet paycheck by paycheck. Don't want to leave here so I need to expand other options so I can live comfortably, and eventually give my girlfriend a proper wedding. I wouldn't also mind buying a home of my own and if all works out I would really love to expand on my family and have my future wife be a housewife which is what she wants to do as well as myself. So I am eager and very excited to listen to any advice or information that comes my way.

Golf, basketball, hopefully be able to give my time to the community and coach youth sports.

Basic Info

Cat Scan Technologist
Have Child(ren)
Completed College
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One



Bula, How are you Lee. Welcome, am also new here and trying to weave my way here may be I will stuck on one deal someday. Hows the weather like there? here in NY is crazy snowy almost all throughout the January month. Okay Lee wish you all the luck in your investing endevour.

Viliame V.


What's a fijian doing all the way up in NY! Gotta give you credit man, that cold is crazy.I am in 78degree weather and have NO plans of freezin my buns out there on the eastcoast. Thanks for the greetings..I know this introduction to this new world will bring us good fortunes and lots of Aloha to share with everyone who believes!!


Howzit goin? I read on someone's comment that you were looking for Arizona property. Are you in AZ or HI?

Aloha & Mahalo Lee Jon!

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how do i fund this deal

4 uits sale by owner asking 220k comps 250k owner needs 70k 80k down payment and owner will finance the rest property is paid off thank you