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Yonkers, NY
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I'm aged. A Father of four boys. Work as Fitness Trainer. Originally from the Pacific Islands but now reside in the USA.

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Fitness Trainer
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Hi All!!!

Just join the forum. Bought DG's book while ago but didn't act. Great to see this website up and running may be it will get me motivated to act. Some very useful info. in here to ponder and digest and thank you all for those info.

Yonkers, NY.


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Viliame. If you go to you can sign up for free. they will actually asign an agent to you. You don't have to use them but it gives you access to their inventory. I acually looked at homes in yonkers, there are some good deals i see. even co-ops. I don't know the area well. you may know what area is better then another. help that helps you.

Thanks Richie!!

How you doing Richie? I will try that out and see. Happy house hunting.



The site is under maintance.

I did not get to the meeting I told you about recently, working too late. I did however go to the gwreia meeting last month. I got a lot out of it. I asked to sit in as a visitor for the first time, this was not a problem at all. I did not pay the fee at the end of the meeting either. I will pay the next time I go back of course, I am not sure that it will be this month though. The first hour is for networking, so bring cards to hand out. Then there was an intro., a seminar and chit chat at the end. Lasted until about 10:15pm.
Thanks for the well wishes, I am getting out and looking but not finding any great deals either yet. Hanging in though and being inspired by others certainly helps. Maybe we should meet sometime, I am in New Rochelle, between the 2 of us we could cover the county!

Sorry it took me ages to respond. Did you go to the meeting you indicated to me last month. I'm thinking of joining the Westchester REI Assosiation. Anyway, hows it going with your REI? I am slowly getting into it but no deal yet.

Lets meet someday and talk may be I'LL learn a thing or two from you I just need that confidence to go out there and kick some behind. I'm in Yonkers. Okay, happy house hunting and good luck.


Let me know!

If you are thinking of attending the meeting again let me know so I could attend also so we could meet. Its a great idea to work together and cover westchester county.


Craig's List

Hi Viliame,
I spent a lot of time online yesterday looking for properties in our area. There is so much in Yonkers!
I am 'talking' (online) to a FSBO of a multi-family on 'your side'. I will let you know how it goes How is your search going? Let me tell you, all of a sudden it seems to me that the prop. prices around here are lower ... did you notice that yet?


I have concentrate on a certain areas or zipcodes in Yonkers and yes I notice 10701 is flooded with pre-foreclosures and foreclosures but I have decided to work on other areas but zipcode 10701. On Saturday I went to a house (fsbo)in my zipcode 10710. The owner was leaning more towards conventional financing than any other way but I was able to establish a good rapport with him and more impotantly I gain some confidence from the experianced. I think with more of attending this meeting I should be able to work some magic. I want to work more on foreclosure and fsbo.

Good Luck.

Pacific Island

I noticed on your page that you're from the Pacific Islands. Where in the pacific island you from? I'm Samoa living here in Louisiana. I used to live in California and Utah until i moved here three years ago. Hope things are going well for you and your real estate investing business.


Talofa Bro.

Lloyd thanks for the introduction. I am from Fiji and we moved here to NY in 2000 as my wife was recruited by the united nations. I am currently working as a fitness trainer and I have four boys. Living in NY is hard and thats why I am venturing into this world of REI. Hopefully I will strike something. My main focus for now is to get my family our first home and stop renting before try to get some investment property.

I have been reading your website and I found it very informative and easy to understand. I am glad that I found one brother here which I can always call when I needed some advice and I hope you dont mind. My name is Viliame and I am 41 and all beat up after a lot of rugby and all from the village. Anyway Lloyd, its great to hear from you keep in touch and may be someday we should meet.

Vinaka or Thank You,
Viliame Vakasisikakala

My Fijian brother

Hi Vili! Good to hear from you. Wow, your wife work for the United Nations, that's cool aye! Well, we islanders gotta stick together, lol. I'll be more than happy to help you anyway i can and please feel free to contact me if i can be any assistance. Yeah, i agree with you, the first thing you need to do is get a place for you and your family instead of keeping paying rent. Take care and i'll be talking to you.



Did you go to the meeting last night?

I missed it again.

No Angela, I was tied up a little bit. I will definately attend next month. I have to start building my VIP list and I think this meeting will help.



How's it going?

No Look Back From Here!!

I just got DG'S Book PFRE Right Now. I really like what I'm reading its a matter of application now. So far no deal yet. Its amazing reading this book some of these students are finding deals before they even find their buyers and they still make money using this automated system. I am still working on my VIP list such as RE A, RE Lawyer, Buyers etc. I kinda like have some time frame to do my first deal so fingers cross. Definately, the meeting this month is a must for me.

How about you? Hope all is going well for you.



Still looking around my area. Hoping to get a bird dog fee for a tip I gave out this weekend. 'Life' is getting in the way a bit lately but I spend as much spare time as I have on RE one way or another. Just got my new book and started reading it.

Keep Going!

I think the moment we make our first deal, everything else will be easy. Right now we should learn as much as we can from the book and the website. I finished reading the book and am starting again I want to read it at least 2-5 times. The real life experianced from some of these students in the book is awesome especially, Matt Larson. Check out the 70k he made.....sweet.

I am going to contact him for some help. Is Matt Larson the same guy who uses 'the braveheart' (movie) image of Mel Gibson?

Okay, Good Luck.

re Matt Larson

Yep you got it. Matt Larson is cbrpower. (braveheart image)


I have a Q. for you. I need some clarification on this one regarding pre-foreclosure. When I strike a deal with a default HO and we agree on terms and all. eg. he/she owes 100k and my 120k was accepted(carry note on 10k, cash 10k) and the FMV is 195k. Do we sign the SPA at this point or wait untill his/her lender agrees with our deals or the lender doesn't have to be notify until the HO comes in with check to clear his/her debt.

How the reading going?



Hi Guys!
Jeremy, (thebossspringsteenfan) and I (AngelaK) have been talking online and we are sending this message to everyone who joined the DG REI club (Tri State Area Investors NY,NJ,PA,CT) We want this club to actually mean something and not just be a “thing to join”
Please send me a PM, (personal message) … find my DG name on the site AngelaK and then click on (send PM) send me a message to me with your email address and in a couple of sentences, tell me your position: eg: I have down payment money, I am approved for a mortgage, I own property already , I have nothing, I have no money, I have no credit, I just bought the book, I am new to real estate investing. There is no right answer there is no wrong answer. We are all here to help each other. We are all interested in the same thing and we can all make money right now. Jeremy and I are trying to figure out everyone’s position and how we can help each other right now. Respond quickly,, we are highly motivated and we plan to accomplish! Jeremy and I are going change the world !!! We are looking for motivated people to come and take this ride with us!

(Send a PM message, It is private between you and me … I plan to make a master list of everyone’s email address and pass the completed list on to everyone else in our group.