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Hello I just got reading the book... It sounds really good.... I"m looking for people to network with and people that know a lil about the biz.... I dont have money are a job.. but I'm a go-getter and I my credit score is over 690.. Can I still be a real estate investor.... And what would be the best stragies to used...?


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Hi Charli

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Just dropping by to say hello & wishing you all the success that you deserve. I'm never too far away, don't hesitate to ask me anything. Stay in touch Smiling

Your new friend,
John A

getting started

good morning charli; frank here in ny here is a ideal offer to you to think on I am trying to finalize a 79 unit apt complex in cincinnati ohio, and need one or two solid people with good credit for my corp, I will pay to anyone who has good credit 5,000 k to provide it simply for me to secure the loan once i would close on property you would be paid and it would all be on a legal binding contract if interested give me a call at 718 909 9224 be well Frank

Same Boat

Hi Charli, My name is Harry and i am a investor in the New york area, my credit is not good and i read both of Deans book and the best way for a somewhat newbie like me with low risk would be to whole sale or just build a buyers list and lock up a deal and assign it over.
hope that help, good luck and hope to hear your story soon.

Are U Still In?

So, tell me, Are you still doing the business? If so, how difficult has it been for you to find "buying investors" in your area? I can tell you that my situation is lot more challenging than yours. And so, in an attempt to try and generate some income, I'm "bird dogging" for others. However, it has not landed me a buyer yet; even though I'm coming across great deals. In closing, let me ask you this...Are you checking the want ads or the real estate section of your daily and weekend community papers (to see what investors might be asking for)? When you see one of those, call the number attached to the ad and find out what exactly are they looking for and for what price range and how much equity are they expecting in the property and if you find such a deal and lock it up, can you call them and if they are paying a finders fee and if that number is the best number to call and when and do they happen to have an email address to send them alert messages of more properties you might have. Let me hear back from you if you don't mind. I'm still trying as well; just started in July 2010 reading "Your Town Your Profits" - in which I've completed, and "Profit From Real Estate Right Now"-almost through with. I would reccommend that you start with the latter first. C ya