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Francis Lambert
Boston, Massachusetts
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I am about to change my life forever. I am glad that I do not have to do this alone.
I'm happy knowing I can contribute to my family (Mother and Brother) and to my friends. As I move on with Dean's books, I will teach what I know to those who dare to LIVE outside the box.

Investment in Real Estate and start my own company. I also like very much, Math, Reading, Tennis, Photography, Martial Arts, and Formula 1. I also love a 'GREAT JOKE".

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Cook, Carpenter, self-employed
No Children
Completed High School

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Thank you for welcoming me to this illustrious group of people who have the vision and the power to rethink the notion of being outside the box and taking it to the next level(generation).

From the desk of Francis Lambert

Thanks a MILLION Smiling

Hi Francis, I hope it goes

Hi Francis,

I hope it goes great for you. I', just getting started, and I'm glad to have this community. I thought about a great website when you asked for jokes. Check out the hilarious "demotivational posters" at let me know what you think..


Haha. That website is pretty cool. I particularly like the one about the government, but there were a lot of good ones there.