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Brian D. Claywell
Albuquerque NM 87123
About Me: 

Hi, My name in Brian Claywell, I am 40 years old and reside in Albuquerque NM. I own a movie Production Rental company and have been investing in Tax Liens before I started with DG's books. I started reading the Rich Dad series from Robert Kiyosaki and got hooked. After reading his complete series, I started to invest in Tax Liens. This also gave my better half the feeling of security. I also like the nice return n investment and they are a win-win-win situation. One day I was home alone (wife was out of town) and I saw this Infomercial from DG. I sat there and watched, and watched and watched. Just the way he talked convinced me!! I ordered his program and I guess the rest is history.
Now, I have started National Investments and Solutions Group L.L.P.
I decided to look into areas that are extremely distressed and go forward in these areas. I have done hundreds of hours of research in the Detroit Metro area and see great opportunities!! I have my team set up in Michigan and in the Albuquerque area.
I am looking for other investors that would like to work together in NM and in MI. If your interested, drop me a line.

See you down the road and next year at the next EDGE.


Investing in tax liens, building Business Mountian Biking and learning something new

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Owner of Production Mobility Solutions and Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Investing in Michigan

Thrilled to find your post! I am currently living in MI and I am a licensed RE Agent. Just getting started, but I am very excited and motivated! This is going to be a GREAT Year!

Investing in Tax Leans and Property Space Sought out by Casinos

Hello Brian, I grew up in Detroit and know about the distress there and can imagine how bad is is now due to economic hardships. I am interested in investing in tax liens and acquiring properties that can be sold to casinos for expansion, creating a huge profit!

Also interested in tax lien investments/ Commercial

Hi Brian, I currently own properties in Detroit. A Downtown condominium and a rental property in the New Center Area.

I'm interested in finding out the future prospects of Detroit and/or Michigan and what you've learned regarding investments, to that end? I work in Detroit and reside in the suburbs and have neither seen nor heard of any development projects, yet.

A response at your earliest convenience will be greatly appreciated.

Investing in Michigan

Hello Brian:

I am an reo agent in the metro detroit
area and also an investor,I will like
an opportunity to discuss talk to you
and to see how we can both benefit each other.


Thank you!

Hi Brian, my husband and I

Hi Brian, my husband and I are just getting started in investing and would very much like to find others here in Michigan to work with. I would be very
interested in hearing from you.

Thanks, Myra

Investing in Michigan

Hello Brian, I grew up in Detroit,as a result of my dad being in real estate, me and my brothers all ended up doing the work. My brother and I are returning to real estate from an invester point of view, we have been studying the trends in certain areas and have found it to be very promising.Look forward to hearing from you.

What an overwhelming response

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Hi there everyone,

WOW!!!! The response has been overwhelming to the Detroit Area Investment Club here at DG.com. My last update was a while back as I was on my last movie in San Francisco. In the mean time, the naysayer in my life, well now my ex-wife had left me and cleaned out the accounts as well while I was out of state.
Non the less, I have not given up. It will just take me a bit longer to reach my goal.
Because of the response I have received, I have made the decision to lease my house here in Albuquerque and move to Michigan.
I will be responding to each and everyone of you in the very near future.
Thank you for joining and I can't wait to meet up with all of you soon.

Stay true and not Blue


Great Year!

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Hi Renaissance Cap,

thanks for joining the group. This will be a great year for all of us when we all pull together and have the naysayers outside looking in.

I am looking forward to hearing from you again.

Sorry so short but the obnoxious 9 - 5 is calling at 5:30.

Be True and not Blue.


MI Investor

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We are N/W of Detroit and would like to get involved. Please PM your contact information and let's get started.

Hi Brian, I'm Eric I live in

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Hi Brian,

I'm Eric I live in the Detroit area. I am very new to investing in real estate. Although have looked at it for a few years now. Never made a move however. I personally have no cash and have been a bit down on my luck.. or my strategy has been flawed to be honest. I may be down but never count myself out just so you know. I may have some people that have capital and be interested in investing but have a ultra conservative attitude towards the whole idea. In other words they'd need convincing. I think it would be very possible to do that. I'm also interested in Tax Liens and info or advice you might have in that area. I looked at the John Beck system. What do you think of that?

Really be greatfull for your advise when you have time. thanks


when are you moving to michigan

Hello Brian:

I hope all is well with you and the business is great, when are
you moving back to michigan?

MI Investor

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Hi Brian, This is a follow-up to a post in your guest book from 10/22/09. We are in Michigan and would like to make contact. Please P.M. your contact info.


I Grew up in Detroit, & now am in west michigan, I am very interested in Tax liens also. Is there a investment group in west michigan?

investment help

just starting out,right now, i seen your ad and at the end you stated you have hard money lenders on the east coast willing to invest. i live in michigan and there is plenty of property to invest in, if you have the funds. perhaps you could share some info. please email me with any details you wish to share. thanks in advance, stann

ur stilling investing in MI

are you investing in Michigan, if so what are you investing in?? Me on the other hand I'm into commerical restate, and in needed of a partner.

email- hamilton32@blackvoices.com

Still active?

Saw your group - are you still active in Detroit investing? I'm a cash buyer looking to make a move in that area and it seems you already have a team in place. Looking forward to working with you.

Real Estate Investor

I am a new REInvestor. I live in the tricounty area Wayne, Oakland and Macomb. I reside in Roseville, MI Macomb County.

My first priority is to do some wholesale deals with cash investors. I would like to build capital, so that I can also begin to invest in tax leins.

When and where is the next meeting Brian here in Michigan?

New R. E. Investor In Detroit

Hello Brian! Its nice to see you on The DG Family website. Im a new investor in Detroit and would like to work with you and your team. Im interested in wholesale and least options starting out.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

My contact inforation is: kendallhardgest@****
(313) 704-1379

Brain take it easy and keepup the good work!

Kendall Hardgest


Looking for brick homes in wayne county michigan area. NO Cap on prices. Home must be in good area with no strutural damage. Move in ready is perferred. PM me what you have available Thanks