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I have always wanted my own business,always believed working for someone else will never get you what you want or what you need. Have finally found a way to get both. I have been having trouble getting started, so trying a different ave. Looking forward to doing great things with this.


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Brand New to Real Estate

I received this book back in May, my husband had to go out of town for a month and a half so I went with him. On days when I wasn't doing other things, I spent the day reading "Profit from Real Estate Right Now". Had a plan laid out as to what line of training I was planning to follow. We came back home and I realized that a nother line of training from the book was better fitted to our area; so I started studying it. I have bought other "Real Estate" training, but it left me feeling like;I was just getting the tip of the information. I never felt that I knew what I was talking about or that I under stood what was realy going on in the deal. So I never did any thing with it. This I feel I am getting the full picture and if I do have any questions there are ways to ask them and get answers. I am just learning all the places to go on this web site, I am looking forward to input and any information that is out there.

Saugatuck, MI



WELCOME TO DG.COM. always feel free to ask any question you have, here on the forum. though i have been around for awhile now i still dont know how to use everything on the forum like smiley faces etc...... but oh well... its fun and we can do this..

see ya at the top


Aloha & Mahalo!

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Hello and Welcome to the DG Community!
May You have Great Success on your Journey! You will find a vast array of information at your disposal on this site. Most of your questions can also be answered by researching in some of the Forums, Posts, and other links available. It would also be to your advantage to complete your profile to it's fullest as well as creating your own personal journal such as my example here:


Land Contracts

I have a question about selling a Land Contract that I would buy as my home, can I turn around and sell this land contract a week after I bought it? I would sell it for more than I bought it for and it would not be sold again as a land contract. My plan is to buy a property on a land contract (say it is to be my home, but I will not move in), then turn around and sell the property right away; pay off land contract and pocket the profits. I am just wanting to make sure there is no legeal reason why I can not do this. I will be looking forward to hearing from anyone who might know anything about this.
Have a great day

Working Together

Hello Evelyn, I'm just getting started as well would love to work together and do some brain storming, l can do quite a bit weld, electrical, drywalling, painting, just about all of it l just need someone that knows the in's and out's of the gov't, seeing that lm in windsor canada, but lm over in the detroit area all the time, let me know if this sounds good to you.

Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap

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God bless us all
Keep learning the DG family ways.

How to fill out the

How to fill out the Assignment of real estate purchase ans sale agreement?
I have two properties I am getting ready to assign but the more I read the form the more confused I get. Need to get with sellers soon to sign the paper work.
Any help anyone can give would be wonderful and appreciated.

How to fill out the Assignment of real estate purchase and sale

How to fill out the Assignment of real estate purchase and sale agreement?
I will be sending the paper work to my sellers (2 deals) in the next day or two & every time I read this paper I get more confuse as to how to fill it out. Anyone's help will be most appreciated. If you could somehow post the paper filled out that would be great. When I start reading assignor & assignee - who's me & who's the property owner & is the name of the person I will be turning the sell over to supposed to be on there?