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Tonganoxie, Kansas
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I live in a small 'bedroom' community (approximately 9,000 people) that is equidistant from three larger cities, Leavenworth (as in military base), Lawrence (Go KU!) and Kansas City, Kansas (not to be confused with Kansas City, MO). Nearly everyone here drives elsewhere for work and likes it that way. We have one elementary school, one middle school, one high school, one grocery store and one zip code for the entire town! Everyone in my town knows everyone or at least knows a relative of someone.

My husband and I have raised six children and now, effortlessly, spoil 14 grandchildren.

My husband owns a new construction plumbing business, while I operate a small online gift store and work as a document technician. I had a travel agency for a few years but due to the economy I was forced to close it. That's when I started looking into the possibilities of real estate.

I hold an AA in Computer Information and a vocational diploma in Travel and Tourism.

My goal here is to birddog enough properties equal to my yearly salary for savings and investment purposes and then move into other types of property such as rentals and lease options. I would also like to be able to own a few properties set aside just for the purpose of helping domestic violence survivors get back on their feet and start a new life for themselves in safe, clean, affordable housing conditions.

I would greatly appreciate teaming with a mentor or partner, locally, to help achieve my goals.

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