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Can you send me more info, What city and state, Pictures, How many duplexs, how many rooms etc.

St Louis Duplex

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Plz send more info & pics.
Plus, plz provide comparables that support your asking price.


Can you send more information regarding the turnkey rentals along with addresses. thank you.

NC Properties

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We have access to several properties from one source in NC. A couple of duplexes one is a 1BR 1Bath brick renting for 400 a side another is an older duplex 2br 1 bath each side, rent is unknown at this time. They have several SFRs, in good shape and they are priced pretty good and I know some are occupied with renters.. If you are interested, I can provide a finder's fee contract then introduce you to the seller & you can negotiate from there.Oh they do need fixing up too.... Let me know.. Thanks..

Cash Buyer needed In Sun City AZ Golf Course Lot

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I am fairly new to Deans course and trying to get up to speed. I have a nice house that is dated and needs a cosmetic remodel. My cash buyer fell out! Locked up at $100,000 needs 19500 in repairs - ARV 165,000-175,000.

Where in NC?

Where in NC?

4 Turnkey rentals - Gross Rents 30k

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What is the location of this property?
Does the present owner offer financing?

Dayton, Ohio, No Owner

Dayton, Ohio, No Owner Financing. Only have 2 left.

Properties in Georgia

How are you? I am working with an Investor selling SFR, move in ready, quality properties in Georgia. Properties have equity and good cash flow potential. Can deal now.