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Hmmm,good question. What about me do I want you to know? the answer the truth about JP.
I love real estate. from when i can remember i fantasized owning all sorts of properties, developing a multimillion dollar investment firm becoming a very wealthy woman. My grandfather gave me this vision without him ever knowing it. They came from PR to NY with a dream, back in the 50's where latinos were being discriminated against. They worked very hard, never taking assistance and began to buy properties..The beautiful thing was they bought brownstones, one after another, multfamilies, mixed used building sent my father to spain to study and helped people in the area.. My grandfather was a great investor and they were to pass it down to the grands, but my grandfather died before they could will it..the tradegy was my grandma was not an investor and panicked.. Investors who knew about my grandfathers demise began to negotiate with her and she practically gave everything away for nothing. and the grandkids were never able to have the props passed down. I have comped the area and the brownstones alone are worth more than a 1MM each. So i made a promise to myself and said I would start what my grandfather didnt finish.. So here is the problem, I didnt have the supportive spouse I needed to help me on my way. to him i am living in a fantasy world and its not a real job!

this has been my dream for as far as long I could remember. I became a realtor for over 5 years, became a top seller, but its not what I wanted. I branched out and paid for so many real estate investor courses and have not put it into practice. Unfortunately, my relationship has taken its course, but thats ok, i know that this vision and desire has been planted and i will see it grow.. I have taken a job, that allows me to sell, but at the same time gives me the time to work from home and start my networking and building my database.

I am a very determined woman, i have gone thru some up and alot of downs, but I will get to become that multimillion dollar woman I always wanted to become. Please dont take this as arrogant, take this as someone who as she is g0ing up will take those that will j0in her up as well if we work hard. i WANT to pass on to my grandkids a legacy that will grow, and sustain them and the future generation.

I joined DG because he looks trustworthy and that is rare. I would love to do business with those online and learn from each of you.. I am new to this site, but plan on becoming known..I pray for Gods wisdom and pray for dedicated, motivated and lovely people..

See you all at the top.

God Bless,


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