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randy phillips
Fresno California
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60 yrs old, spent the last 30 yrs doing Finish Carpentry and then like overnight the housing crashed. Ready to start on my RE Investing future.

Science, air guns, video games, watching MMA Mixed Martial Arts fights

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first option

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I want to lock up my first deal with the option/assigns. In Deans book he tells how to delay the earnest money by having the new buyer pay it, will that really work? also, to have a RE lawyer record the contract, is that expensive and necessary?

getting started

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I live in central Calif with serious unemployment stats including me, a big city with lots of foreclosed homes Im anxious to get started. I hav all these fears, to hav a lawyer file the option cud cost hundreds, which I dont have, and I want to secure several or many properties.

Need som advice

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Has anyone done the first option, exactly what steps did u take, I want specific details no general and vague answers plz. Can u email me the contracts u used and filled out, change the names of cours. But I need some detailed info, any help wud be awesome. randyphillips1@****