Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #83 - Accomplish More By Dividing Your Week Into 3 Days

Dean's still recuperating from the bug that had him down last week but you'd never know he was feeling less than 100% after watching this.

In this amazing blog, you'll get a million dollar technique that can be your Investor Time System. It totally changes your relationship to time, allowing your personal and professional life to get the proper amount of attention – in other words... to be in balance and as a result, you generate energy for each part of your life! You'll love this...please make sure to share your comments below -and ENJOY!


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Welcome back and glad to hear you are feeling better. We hope you have fun on your vacation. We are so excited waiting to hear what new tools and program you have in store for us. Thanks for sharing the lesson on how we spend our days and how we can keep a great balance. I know those "free days" can be a day to recharge my batteries and clear my mind. Those types of days often provide me with a clear and open mind to get some of my best ideas and inspiration. Good luck and continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Deans back

Welcome good to see your feeling better.Looking forward to see what you are working on for us.Enjoy the time on vacation with the family. Thank you for sharing the lessons and always shinning a light when needed.Always live in the now and enjoy the moment snelson

Glad your Back

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Another great blog, And yes i do understand its all about change, But the free day is going to be hard. In my mind as I am writing this i am thinking, How many deals could I lose on a free day. Well back to the drawing board. I have never been lead wrong by one of your blogs yet.



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Glad to have you back

even if its for 5 minutes on your weekly blog or on a 30 min infomercial on tv you always give me a tidbit of new info. And there is your infectious smile and joy for Real Estate that rubs off on me. Thanks for taking time out and god bess your fam.


glad to hear you are feeling better

My name is eric and im going to be doing this with my wife tina were so excited. We want to be susessful like many others. we want the american dream just like everyone else. thanks and i hope you give us the chance for the american dream.

Glad to have you back on board Dean! : )

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Great to see you back Dean and to know you're feeling much better. From my perspective, I can tell you really are busy no matter where you are, or the condition of your health. But that's what I truly admire about you Dean is that no matter what comes against you or what you've had to persevere through, you always come on top with that strong mentality that helps you push through and succeed! What a great blog to fire off this week and I'm already excited to see whats to come from it very soon. I also enjoyed seeing the assistance from your son Brody, good stuff indeed! : ) You mentioned earlier that you and your family are heading on vacation to Newport, CA and that is so awesome since I'm pretty close there in Huntington Beach, CA. Well thanks again for taking the time to share with us a brilliant system that will help propel us to new heights in our lives and futures with real estate. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless!


Nice to have you back!

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If your in So Cal for the 4th we do an amazing BBQ and watch the fireworks from the deck. We get all the shows from Riverside, Orange, and LA counties. Would love to have you and your wife over! I also have 2 kids that are right about the same age as yours, they'd have a blast. Sticking out tongue

I'm new and skeptical

Hi Dean,
I bought your book and some materials while my husband and I were in a Las Vegas hotel. We have a business there in LV. I know my husband has your book and he is reading it but I bought my own copy so we can do it together, he is retired but I am still actively in the workplace. We would like to do this as a Team but I am skeptical. I will learn more about you and your system. Are you based in California? We live in Chino Hills, CA.
I called the phone number 1-877-219-1473 extension 314 and 315. The recording says it is a mailbox for 3416 and No messages maybe taken. This makes me even more suspicious that the phone number is advertised but I got no response.


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Great lesson...Thanks...

Welcome Back Dean!

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Glad your feeling better and your son is cute!

I agree, we all need a free day. Sunday is that day for me. No business or cell phones, just family time. Today we grabbed lunch, played miniature the went for ice cream. As soon as I am done here we are going to build a fire in the back yard!

Great Blog and Welcome Back!

Glad to see you're feeling better. It's always great to hear you and get that extra inspiration needed for the week. This was so helpful and I really like how you emphasized the buffer day. I do try my best to rest one day a week. Your son is so cute. I wish you great fun on your vacation with the family.
Cathy L

I am new in your Right Knowledge system !

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Hi Dean , I am not a sceptic ! I have been a real estate investor 4 years now and I did a deal and made $22,000 back than but you are right the system has changed . You are one of the few that are teaching how to make it now . I just finished your book yesterday and have no doubts that I will make thousands more with your Knowledge using what I got from your book ! I will bust my tail to activate all the unique teachings and sky is the limit ! I plan to join your academy soon also !!! I want it !!! And yes your son is bundle of Love !

Different Take on Time

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Welcome back Dean! Hope you feel better! The idea of time management is great and I have been reading Stephen Covey's ideas and then you go POW! Reducing or altering the time management from everyday to three days and a day off. I don't know much about this technique but am willing to try and get results, especially the time off and no business. That part sounds great because it allows a connection or reconnection to family. Thanks again for being outside the box and staying ahead of the curve.

Bill G.

P.S. Like father like son...look at that hair dude!

Welcome Back, Dean!

This was wonderful advice, and I really needed to hear this!
My husband & I are new to this, and this will help us to order balance in our real estate career, as well personal life.

Glad to hear you back again, Dean! God bless for all of the great wisdom & invaluable advice that you offer us all! We hope to be a very successful student of yours with a wonderful success story to share!

Glad to have you back!

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Hi Dean,
Great teaching today. You are definitely right about a free day!
We all need to stop and smell the roses.
Your son is a cutie!

Have a blessed day.
So glad that you are feeling better.

Welcome Back

Hi Dean

Thanks for the advice im going to get started right away using it as always its great info also good to have you back and i cant hardly wait to see what you have for us next

You are the best

Newport Beach

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Welcome back Dean, Glad your feeling better. Loved your blog today….. I'm going to try it but I'll tell you I love the current one you taught me......Yellow pad…..Current-Urgent-to-do...

Dean you said you’re going to be in Newport Beach. I only live five miles from Newport. I'm In Sunset Beach. I would love to meet you for say five minutes. I know it’s your FREE time but since you’re so close it would be great. Thanks for all your help. I've made about $365,000 on a house I sold in 2005...I took my profits and bought a new home in Sunset Beach in 2005 and Its up $225,000 already. The beach did not take a hit like the rest. Everybody thought I was crazy!!! I just told everybody to just watch what happens to the market. Well I was right. Even my mortgage broker said I was crazy to do a thirty year at 5.75%.. She said I should do a variable……I’m going to add another bedroom which will push it to $1,350.00.... I'm reading your books and doing everything you say to do. Going to buy and hold a few now. Not in this area but about 600 miles away in Northern Ca... Dean Thanks for all your motivation I really needed it the past two years. My 17 year old daughter got cancer. Wow I was a mess but my wife and I made it and my daughter is doing great after all the chemo…Its made her a very strong person.
Dean Thanks again for everything you do. You’re great!!!!

Rick Corgiat

First time to be in this

First time to be in this forum . Trying to see how i can make my feet wet without feeling cold. Sorry to hear about your daughter Rick, hope everything turn out right.
Dean ,i am still kind of in fear of diving into this business, i hope i have someone near me to help me out. i am losing my residence which is a rented house from my brother and i want to buy it. A Long story. Pls. help.

Just signing in for the first time on the blog

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I received Dean's program when it first came out and when he just published his book and admittely I have not really used it "shame on me" but, I think he is great and have been practicing his techniques before and they work great. I am very eager to get more involved with his program. I have been practicing real estate for about 10 years and love it. This is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. does anyone have any suggestions on how I can really get up to speed with Dean's newer practices for finding investment capital in Texas.


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Thank you Bob... Yes, she is doing great. Just keep doing our check-ups. Good luck investing...

Aways looking for your stuff ,when I see them...

Hi, DEAN just seen your bit on time mang..Good stuff, im just getting over somthing my self,im aways looking for your stuff on my e-mails its a big part of why i have stayed with this investing,stuff so far this time. it is my motivaion to keep at it, keeps me going. thanks for that...hope your over with what ever you had and always thanks for your system on realestate its has given me something to get me out of my on way.....Thanks jjay

Thank You Dean

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Welcome back. Dean your weekly blogs keep us going. Still looking for the grate info you have coming.

God bless you and your family.

Steve and Veronica.

Welcome to CA

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So glad to hear you are feeling better. Loved meeting you at "The Edge". If you would like a special invite to view some Trump homes on the coast while in CA -please let me know!!
Thank you for your blogs, your great motivation and the DG Family.

Thanks again, Dean

That was a terrific blog. Not only was it a great and simple way to organize your life but Brody made a great little assistant! Have a super vacation, Dean and family.


this is my first time doing this and hope i am sucessful with your help. you blog are terrific i have not receive the book yet but is there a website that you go to that you mention on tv. here to my success?

Welcome back.

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I like your latest blog about dividing my time between Focus, Buffer, and Free. I intend to use it in organizing my time. The helps you give us each week are like little nuggets of gold. Thank you and stay well. It doesn't look like you can stand losing any more weight.


First time to be in this forum.

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Hi Dean,
Happy to see you are back and to know that you're feeling much better. This is the first time I comment on any of your blogs. But, I always look forward to listening to your blogs for suggestions and valuable information.

This blog really hits home. As I have problems organizing my time (so, much to do and not enough time to get everything done). I will use the information you just shared with us to organize my time in a more productive manner.

Thanks Dean! Enjoy your vacation with your beautiful family. God Bless!

Thanx for the Info.

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This is my first time in doing this. I met you @ the Wealth & Wisdom Event in Rancho Mirage, Ca. with T. Harv Ecker. I got the whole package from that event and using them to start my RE investing.
Great lesson...

Mahalo, (Thank You)
Alex B, REI
Resources Unlimited Group

Don't Wait To Buy Real Estate -
Buy Real Estate and Wait. - T.H.Ecker

Amazing You Should Mention That Dean!

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Great to know you are doing better!

Dean I had just mapped such a plan for myself this week.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Have A Wonderful Vacation and a Safe 4th of July!

Rodney Cobbler

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