Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #104 - What's Your Story?

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This week Dean reveals how to have the confidence of Kings and Queens.

You'll learn why it is important to tell people the real reason you're in real estate.

Why not to make excuses when people doubt you, and how to change your future by changing what you tell others.

Watch and see why what you say to others, is what you ultimately believe about yourself. Enjoy.

PS- This marks the end of the second full year of the weekly video blogs. Thank you all for watching and making this site and the blogs such a success!


I am always getting "you are so positive" from friends, family, co-workers and even complete stranger after talking with them for a short time. I love it when someone says that because then I know that how I feel on the inside is showing on the outside! In addition to this, when we are in a situation that we are not 100% certain how to handle, "fake it till you get the answer" - the shared confidence of telling a client/owner that you need to consult with an associate will always buy you time, but don't take too long.

This transitions into REI because when you have positivity,humanity and confidence - people want to work with you. They literally want you to help them and for you to help others that they know that are in trouble with RE. Our current deal is the perfect picture of what I am talking about.

The owner of the house is very emotionally tied to this house, it was his parents house. He has others that have tried to buy his house below MV, however he is very 'pleased' to work with me because like Dean talked about on his first deal, we figured out what he wanted by being empathetic, positive and not insulting the condition of the house while pointing out the very reasons for our offer.

Best of luck to you all on our REI journey to financial independence and success - shoulders up, chest out and believe in yourself!

~ Mishia

Jeremiah 29:11

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Yes, it is good and appropriate that we succeed.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

If we don't believe this about ourselves, for ourselves, we are in the wrong.

Real Estate is going to make me rich, independent, and able to give more freely to those in need.
Being wealthy is not wrong. Wanting to be wealthy is not shameful or embarrassing. It's the why and what you do with it that matters. It is not arrogant to believe you will succeed. We are all gifted by the Master's hand; we just have to figure out how to make use of the gift.

I will succeed. I have one of the best on the planet teaching me! Smiling

Thank You

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Thank you Dean,
For always encouraging us week by week and day by day. I look forward to each video blog and/or piece of advice from you always to stay motivated.

Simple but True

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I certainly agree with your message. Internal confidence is what gets you to the next level in all aspects of life.


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Hi Dean

Great message I think we all have done this in the past.

Jim Kendrick

Blog 104 , Surity / Confindence

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This week Dean reveals how to have the confidence of Kings and Queens.

You'll learn why it is important to tell people the real reason you're in real estate.

Why not to make excuses when people doubt you, and how to change your future by changing what you tell others.

Watch and see why what you say to others, is what you ultimately believe about yourself. Enjoy.

PS- This marks the end of the second full year of the weekly video blogs. Thank you all for watching and making this site and the blogs such a success!

Good point . It is tuff to project what people should see vs what is real especially when you have had your self esteem burned out of you .

Nicely done Dean

Very well said, very well presented, a very much needed reminder. In fact if you approach the biz as you just described you really are no longer faking it!!


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Hey Dean,

Couldn't agree more. You have to "sell yourself" to yourself and then everything else falls into place.


They changed once I did!!!

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Hey Dean,
I started out with the crappy excuses, fearing what other people would think. The only people I ran into were the ones who said I couldn't do it. But after I shifted my own thinking from "I would like to invest" to "I am an investor and this is what I'm doing" and started to believe it myself... I just find supportive people. Everyone is positive, literally everyone, and if they aren't I'm just not running into them anymore. It's like as soon as I got myself to believe it, everyone else did too. Thanks Dean for the great advice, I hope a lot of people take it to heart!

Thank You Dean

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For another great blog. I remember Dean when we got our first book from you I would kind of hide the book when I was reading it at work. I did not want to be made fun off for buying a book from a TV info guy.

Well no one made fun of me. Co-workers started to come to me to talk about real estate. After we joined the academy and we bought the next two books the edge DVDs and all of the other resourses you give us Dean, I have been the go to guy at work for real estate.

My wife and I are still learning but the average person that some of us work with, do not know a lot about real estate and we are able to help them. So we are proud to tell people that we are part of the Dean Graziosi real estate team.

Thanks Dean

Steve and Veronica.

Hey Dean

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I do my best to stay away from people who keeps telling me real estate is impossible to make money in this down market. I act like a fake person, but in the end, instead of being fake, I want to be a true image of what I do.

It's all about the mindset and if you don't have the desire, hunger inside your head, then nothing will improve. I got into rei again after my people convinced me to stay away from rei. Now I am going to exude the confidence and prove them wrong!

dead on dean

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muhommad ali...who did he think he was? the greatest! if he didn't believe it no one else would...not even howard cosell lol
i've always been a glass half full kind of guy.
i don't go to church as much as i should, but when i'm going and things are going badly for me, i thank God for all the blessings i have and thank him in advance for all he's yet to give.
i know i'm going to be wealthy in a material sense( i already am in the spiritual sense ).
to remain positive and believe in yourself is paramount to success.
stay positive no matter what....or you could always feel sorry for yourself but that probably won't get you too far.
thanks dean for your weekly blogs and all you do to help us all move to the next level in life.
keep moving forward, rob


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...Thank you for doing another weekly video blog for all of us. It is so true that we have a unique story for doing real estate and our why for doing real estate. If we remember our why and share our story with others it will increase our network and sphere of influence. It is so amazing how one decision such as purchasing your book on real estate can change the life of someone or an entire family. It surely has for us and countless other DGers we meet.

It is so amazing to think, if a person wants to have success with real estate, they can follow your books and programs by building a buyer's list, finding motivated sellers, making offers and closing deals. Then, one day they will wake up and realize they are living their dream!

Thank you for all you do and all you share! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We wish you a safe, wonderful and restful holiday. Believe and Achieve! Smiling Your friends, - Joe and Stacey

Thanks again Dean

silverhound's picture

Just the right blog I needed at this time.If I don't believe who else will? Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God bless.


Chasing The Dream's picture

I always enjoy the weekly video blog and I appreciate the insight and tips you continue to offer. It is something I look forward to each Sunday night. Being the season, I just want to give thanks for Dean and the DG website as Dean continues to touch and change lives each and everyday! Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Smiling
(It's a great time to gobble up some deals!)

So Right

Shellsell's picture

Thank you again for another great video blog. It does all start with our thinking. Everytime I listen to your blogs and continue to study and use the success academy helps increase my confidence. This is the best time to be in real estate. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hi, Dean

SuperBee's picture

I'm confident that I made the right decision in buying your books. I'm still reading and learning. I don't feel I know enough yet to exude my inner confidence, though. (Only because I lack confidence in everyone else... Eye-wink) I'm learning more and more exciting strategies every day. Some things are really starting to click for me, and I'm figuring out what I'd like to do.

When I do get to the point where I start telling other people about my REI goals, I'm determined NOT to make any excuses! Thanks for the helpful message, Dean. Smiling

Thanks for Weekly Video Blog #104

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I find myself guilty of doing the same thing with my family and friends. I believe that I am held responsible for what I say to my friends and family about why I am doing real-estate. I have came up with a lot of reasons in the past about why I have chosen to do real estate mostly, it was to get my family and friends approval and I end up feeling insecure about myself because of their response. Thanks Dean your blog is extremely helpful now I know what to say and what not to say to others.

Straight to the Heart


I felt like you were speaking directly to me on this issue. We went over a similar topic in Church today...

Unbelievable, I got the chills watching this video, God works in mysterious ways.

Thank you so much.
Today is the day that I change my life. With your techniques, the DG family and God on my side... Smiling How could I possibly fail.

Thanks Dean.
Brian Carter

So true Dean!

Hi Dean,
When friends or family or co-workers ask me why i purchased your books or why i want to do realestate investing, I tell them cause im gonna be successful and make lots of money and there is never a better time than now to be investing in realestate no matter what the news or anyone says. I want to be my own boss and do something that will make me happy, so one day i will be able to help others. I want a carrer and not a j.o.b. which stands for just over broke!
Thanks for all you do Dean and i will see you at the top=)

D G Family

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Confidence = Success...

Confidence can take you lot's of place. It does tie into to fake it till you make it. If you don't have the confidence to strike up a conversation about real estate or anything for that matter, nothing is going to change! You can't be a wall flower and expect to succeed. Networking + Confidence = Success...
God Bless Everyone & Happy Thanksgiving.

Right On Dean

Captain777's picture

I appreciate your efforts to explain the Fake It Till You Make It phrase, but the way I see it, if anyone views that in a positive frame of mind, they will come to a positive conclusion. Don't look for the negative, search for the positive. I firmly believe that everyone should fake it till they make it. A long explanation shouldn't be necessary. Thank you Dean for telling it like it is.

Love the weekly "shot in the arm"

Homevestor's picture

Absolutely loved your latest blog on "what's your story?"!
It's true if you keep telling yourself something, it starts to become reality for you in your inner thoughts and affects the way you act, feel, and see the world.
My wife and I still have jobs we hate that don't stand up to the "Sunday night test" of what we look forward to on Monday.
SO...we always look forward to Dean's blog to give us the motivation to keep working on our real estate dreams and moving forward. No first deal yet but two possible ones in the pipeline.
Thanks, Dean, for all of the positive energy!

The Transformation begins in our own minds

Hey Dean,
Thank you again for an uplifting blog. You are so right on... that the first transformation into a Real Estate guru, investor is the change that must go on inside our own heads. I've started making my buyers list, watched the DVD's of The Edge 2010 and started passing out my business cards. Got my website going and am on the SFL program. I'm taking each baby step and I'm constantly thinking about where I'm going with Real Estate. I firmly believe that once my mind believes, I can achieve.

Thanks again for another great blog and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and all my DG family.

Remember, the sky is the limit,

Absolutely right!

Rick888's picture

I noticed that the more I talk up Real Estate to my family and coworkers, the more confident I am about being successful.
Best wishes to all.



Amazing as usual Dean. I too thank you from the bottom of my heart and no better week to do it than Thanksgiving. What you say is so true and I do say more confidently than ever that "I am a real estate investr" and I am so excited when I talk to people about it. Thanks again for the great video blog, the success academy, to all of the successful mentors/students, this site. It's so powerful.

Great Advice!

Dean, as usual you have given us great advice.
You are always so positive you encourge us to be the same. When I start feeling down or confused, I find that if I think of your blogs or the messages we hear from Joel Osteen every Sunday, it helps to get me back on track.

I hope you and your family have a blessed week and a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks, Myra

Thanks, Dean!

smurfy's picture

Leave it to you to always boost our confidence and our spirits Smiling I absolutely can't wait every week to see another blog from you! I have been on the other side of the confidence thingy and am now going to step to the right side. I refuse to fail/give up! I will right now begin to move forward and not let anything get in my way! Thanks for your pep talk, Dean Laughing out loud

Happy Holidays, everyone!! God Bless each and every one of you all and your families!! Smiling


Lisa Mendez REI!!

Another Pearl!!

fnyzep4749's picture

Just wanted to thank you for this message. One of your best. Your right! Will use the method.

Thanks again,


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