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Richard Zinn
Oceanside, CA
About Me: 

Now at my semi-retired time of life, I have come to the realization that I personally own the responsibility to make a better life for my wife, our family and me. DG is certainly been key in this epiphany.

From 19 until now, the construction business has been my life coupled with 18 years of teaching the construction trades in high school. Starting with building home’s around a lake community. As a general contractor, I have built, remodeled, and rehabbed, every conceivable type of structure imaginable. Summer homes, million dollar custom homes, complete developments, Built and owned tennis club, commercial projects, such as: 54 medical and dental offices, Pizza restaurants, and many others.

Oddly enough, I was more focused on the hands on portion of the business than on planning for future comfort in retirement years. (Earning a living got in the way)

As many of the DG family are already aware, self-employment has its rewards and risks. My story is no different. I have had many successes, like kind failures, and many rewarding portions of my business and personal life.

Probably the most significant was the loss of my business due to economy, and a failed partnership venture leaving me with heavy debt. No poor me here because in my family upbringing and fiber to the core, we suck it in and move on to bigger and newer heights. And that’s were I’m positioned now.

Without funds, and that’s ok, I am on my new mission to make a difference in our lives. I strongly believe that it is never to late to become a better person, to become successful in real estate, and to give back to help others who can use my help.

Outdoor activity of any kind, tennis, sailing, but mostly golf

Basic Info

Semi-retired General Contractor
Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One


Welcome to DG Family

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Hello Richard,
I dropped in to sign your guestbook and say hi.
Just read about your spreedsheet and think it would be a great tool for all here on the site to use. Please post it for us.
Thank You,

Spread sheet

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Hi Mike, I am out of town until Thursday then I will be in a position to post all. Actually I have several things that may be of interest and will post those as well. In my years of contracting I found it prudent to build systems to protect both myself and my clients. I look forward to your comments once you see what I post.

Thanks, Rich