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May I change my User name?

May I change my User name?


I partnered with another realtor today so we could help motivate each other.

I thought about the fear and/or lazy and I am not a lazy person so I knew it was fear that was holding me back.

I partnered with someone because usually I am up but I need a push right now because of all of the "world coming to an end" on TV and in the newspaper.

Thanks DG Family for kicking me in the butt. I won't let you down.

Welcome Rita!

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I believe you can change your "Title" in your account. Click on the "User Profile" tab and change what you have under Title.
I believe that's what you're referring to.
Just make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the submit button so it saves your new name.

If you need a push because of the negativity in the media, stop watching/reading it. At least cut down what you watch and how often.

Good luck and Take Care!


DG Family,
Thank you for the video post. I started crying when I remembered the video that you thanked about. GREAT!!!!

Another great one for Father's Day or any day is "Courageous", it is about commit- ing to being the best parent you can be and part of that commitment is providing well.

How do I structure my business to legally protect me if I get s

How do I structure my business to get the best tax advantanges and to protect me so they are not able to come after my personal assest if I were to be sued? I live in California, "THE SUE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD"

How to I stucture "Self Directed IRA'S" FOR PEOPLE THAT WANT TO INVEST WITH ME...?