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Atlanta, Georgia
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For many years I have desired to sell real estate and was discouraged by people who wanted to use me for their own agendas. I also worked with my family’s businesses Iris Cleaning Service and Iris Catering Company. I began developing The Sky’s the Limit Enterprises now The Sky’s The Limit Partners LLC, almost 15 years ago in an effort to fulfill a mission to helping people find solutions to every problem life can encounter. Working as a legal secretary over 20 years and getting stressed out with litigation, I just knew there was a better way I did not have to sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day and not be appreciated for my work helping others become wealthy, while they limited my income opportunities. During my last job at the City of Atlanta, Department of Planning and Community Development, I worked with the Code Enforcement and was transferred to the Commissioner’s human resource office where I was further stifled and oppressed from using my skills and knowledge to help them, as well as others and with no chance to continue to succeed. I recently was laid off from that 17 month precariously stagnated temporary position and became unemployed, decided that this was the right time to continue my dream to assist people live better lives. A portion of my career involved a dual duty Commercial Property Manager and Liaison for a General Contractor in a Property Development and Construction Company in Miami, Florida, serving in many capacities. Presently holding an Associate Degree in Communications, and continuing with the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Green Enterprise Management, I eventually want to further pursue expertise as a General Contractor and real estate broker. During my earlier years activities I was involved in consisted of Girl Scouts of America, Episcopal Church Women, Alta Pasa Debutantes and other professional social groups. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, lived in West Los Angeles, and Altadena, California; Florida, Jamaica, and Atlanta. I recently assisted and organized a neighborhood association for tenants in my apartment complex creating a petition for our complaints about removal of burglar bars in a drug/thief infested community. I am also working with a few faith based community organizations and the Dept of Corrections mentor program to assist felons and parolees to re-enter society. We want to assist rehabilitation these individuals so they can get jobs and a place to live to turnaround the statistics from continuing the cycle of crime in our society, to improving their chances of changing their bad habits to good ones. A percentage of my profits from real estate investing will go towards community programs I have planned because I believe I can make the money I need faster instead of asking for government assistance which seems like a black hole. Please visit one of my websites at

Best regards and much success to you all!

Feng Shui and other good fortune curios, horses, equestrian memorabilia and home decor, gardening, neighborhood restoration, job creation systems, foodie, traveler, fashion, health and fitness, tennis, self help books, and more

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Hello and Welcome To The DG family. May You Have Great Success On Your Journey! Cecelia


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Aloha Cecelia!

Thanks for the welcome. Some day I want to purchase property in Hawaii. My brother lives in Oahu, and I just returned in February visiting him. I also am trying to check any possibilities of properties with a broker there. My brother was working on a deal because he actually has a private fly fishing business there and has a lot of wealthy clients that are interested in a vacation home but I was not able to negotiate anything for him because he does not have any confidence in me and his girlfriend did not help matters when I tried to give him some tips and documents I learned from Dean, so I just let them go but every now and again I will email them something to show them I am progressing so maybe someday they will have confidence in me. I am the big sister so I do not really understand why they do not try to work with me on something so we can at least get comfortable and remove poverty from our lives. Thank you and good luck to you also.

Aloha Rosa

That is so cool that you've been to Hawaii, and that your brother has a business there.But why wouldn't he let you partner up with him to do real estate together.But you know what it's his lost.Why? Because your Dream as a Real Estate Investor Will Come To Pass!!!You already have the skills and talents the ambition to be Successful plus you are great with people should I go on..May the Good Lord Bless You in All Your Endeavors.. Aloha Cecelia

Someday I want to live in Hawaii

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Yes it is his loss but because it is his ego in the way, since he has lived there for so many years now, about 10 years or so, and his girlfriend probably had something to do with it, of course they consider themselves locals and I respect that and he wanted to handle it his way, in which he would use the client's credit and funds, and offering to be the caretaker, which is a slave mentality in my mind, and I tried to tell him to make it a partnership so he would not get used, he is my youngest brother and he and his girlfriend feel they know how to deal with the local Hawaiian people better then me because I do not live there, and think I might mess something up, but business is business and I tried to help, and he wants to be the good boy and kiss up to his clients when I believe they don't care about him and could kick him off the property when they may want it all for their family and thought he should get a big fee out of it, and he was saying something about living on the property needed enough money to run the place and food; I disagree with that because like I said that is like a job, he does not really know his clients they just fish with him and have money and can turn on him any time and I would never hear the end of it, I am not trying to create something negative but he has been screwed before in the past being the good ole nice guy, and this time I am trying to show him how to get his money and run with it so he can set himself up better. Oh well I tried. I guess now I just have to show him how to do it and go on my own to prosper for us all. Thanks for your wise advice and I welcome it always. Take care now, Aloha, sincerely yours, Rosa aka Starfire

Aloha & Mahalo!

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Aloha & Mahalo!

Welcome Gift!

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May You have Great Success on your Journey!

Thank You for All that You Share.