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scott slack
Madison, Wisconsin area
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I am a single parent of a 16 yr. old. For years I owned /operated a successful cabinetry business, Due to health and economy I look to real estate for financial independence. I've been working the wholesale strategy, but feel it's time to change up my REI efforts. I think that in my market ( at this time)(South Central WI) the money to be made is in fix/flip. Possibly use the buy/hold strategy in future.

daughters' ball games,Church band,Bow hunting,Furniture building, working out, Real Estate

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Semi - Retired Cabinetmaker
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One



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Investor buyers

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I am from The Madison, WI area. I am looking for Investor buyers to partner with to rehab properties in Dane and Columbia counties. If interested please send me a pm


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Hello Scott,

I'm in the madison area as well. Send me a pm if you are interested in talking shop!


Hi Scott

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Just signing in your guestbook to see how you're doing.
Enjoy every minute you have with your daughter-they grow too fast!

wishing you great success on your rei journey,


Real Estate license, wholesaling

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I am not licensed to practice real estate yet, but am thinking about it. Is it legal to wholesale property within the state I live in if I hold real estate license? Can I still put a property under contract and assign as long as I disclose my status as a licensee? Thanks.

just stopping by

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Hi Scott, I believe as long as you let the person now and you are acting on your own behalf , im not an agent tho. Your not selling a house you have under contract, you are selling your position in the contract and thats legal.