Attorney's Bird Dog Agreement

Attorney's Bird Dog Agreement

Here is one of the best Bird Dog agreements that i have seen. Charlie

Bird Dog Consulting Agreement

This Agreement is made effective as of __________________ 20____, by and between _____________________ (Investor, hereinafter “Company“), Located at: _________________________________________¬¬___________________________________ (Address)
In this Agreement, the parties who are contracting to receive services shall be referred to as the “Company” and the party who will be providing the services shall be referred to as the "Consultant".
The Company desires to have services provided by the Consultant. Therefore, the parties agree as follows:

1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Beginning on _______________20____, the Consultant will
provide the following services (collectively, the "Services"): a real estate locator, referral and contact service.

2. PERFORMANCE OF SERVICES. The manner in which the Services are to be performed and the specific hours to be worked by the Consultant shall be determined by the Consultant. The Company will rely on The Consultant to work as many hours as may be reasonably necessary to fulfill the Consultant’s obligations under this Agreement.

3. PAYMENT. The Company will pay to the Consultant a fee in the following two circumstances:

(a) Property Leads. When the Consultant introduces a property to the Company and there is no real estate agent or Realtor already listing the property for sale, and the Company then purchases the property, the sum of $500.00 will be paid to the Consultant by way of a Bird Dog Fee (“the Fee”). The Consultant understands and agrees that the Fee will be paid to Consultant at the time of closing on the said property to a third party. The Consultant understands that every effort will be made by the Company to close on the Property in a timely manner.
(b) Realtor Leads. When the Consultant introduces a real estate agent or Realtor to the Company who then engages with and sells properties with and for the Company, the Company agrees to pay to the Consultant the following:

1-5 Properties: .5% of the net proceeds of the sale price of said properties.

6-10 Properties: 1% of the net proceeds of the sale price of said properties.

11+ Properties: 1.5% of the net proceeds of the sale price of said properties.

The Company requires the Consultant to provide it with an invoice at the time of closing on the properties, and the Company agrees to provide to the Consultant a draft invoice for this purpose. Upon termination of this Agreement, payments under this paragraph shall cease; provided, however, that the Consultant shall be entitled to payments for periods or partial periods that occurred prior to the date of termination and for which the Consultant has not yet been paid.

4. TERM/TERMINATION. This Agreement shall terminate automatically upon completion by the Consultant of the Services required by this Agreement.

5. RELATIONSHIP OF PARTIES. It is understood by the parties that the Consultant is an independent contractor with respect to each, and not an employee the Company. The Company's business shall not provide fringe benefits, including health insurance benefits, paid vacation, or any other employee benefit, for the benefit of the Consultant under this Agreement.

6. EMPLOYEES. The Consultant's employees, if any, who perform services for the Company under this Agreement shall also be bound by the provisions of this Agreement. At the request of the Company, the Consultant shall provide adequate evidence that such persons are the Consultant's employees.

7. CONFIDENTIALITY. The Company recognizes that The Consultant has and will have the following information:
- prices
- costs
- future plans
- business affairs

Also, other proprietary information (collectively, "Information") which are valuable, special and unique assets of the Company and need to be protected from improper disclosure. In consideration for the disclosure of the Information, the Consultant agrees that the Consultant will not at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use any Information for the Consultant's own benefit, or divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner any Information to any third party without the prior written consent of the Company. The Consultant will protect the Information and treat it as strictly confidential. A violation of this paragraph shall be a material violation of this Agreement.

8. UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION. If it appears that The Consultant has disclosed (or has threatened to disclose) Information in violation of this Agreement, The Company shall be entitled to an injunction to restrain the Consultant from disclosing, in whole or in part, such Information, or from providing any services to any party to whom such Information has been disclosed or may be disclosed, notwithstanding that this Agreement is not exclusive to the Company, and the Consultant shall be allowed to use such confidential information under identical agreement with any other third party who may be interested in purchasing the Company’s Property up to and until the time the Company have entered into their agreement(s) to consummate a financial transaction. The Company shall not be prohibited by this provision from pursuing other remedies, including a claim for losses and damages.

9. CONFIDENTIALITY AFTER TERMINATION. The confidentiality provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect after the termination of this Agreement.

10. NOTICES. All notices required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed delivered when delivered in person or deposited in the United States mail, postage prepaid, addressed as follows:
IF for The Company: __________________________________________________________

IF for The Consultant: _________________________________________________________

Such address may be changed from time to time by either party by providing written notice to the other in the manner set forth above.

11. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written. This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between the parties.

12. AMENDMENT. This Agreement may be modified or amended if the amendment is made in writing and is signed by all parties.

13. SEVERABILITY. If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.

14. WAIVER OF CONTRACTUAL RIGHT. The failure of either party to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver or limitation of that party's right to subsequently enforce and compel strict compliance with every provision of this Agreement.

15. APPLICABLE LAW. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of ____________.

Party receiving services:
____________________________________________________________ [Company]



Party providing services:


Name: ______________
Phone: _____________


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Bird Dog agreement

I appreciate the contract. Will retype and use.



i appreciate the contract I will edit the fee amount and reuse it. I like it it seems very unbiased and professional. the only thing I don't like is the finders fee amount. I live in NYC up here at would to get at least $10K for a finders fee.


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so people can find it again.

Hey shane I am in NY

Hey shane I am in NY also,but the investors I spoke to will only go up to 2k for BD fee's, wholesaling is different, for the most part in B-dogging you are only giving a warm lead so most investors arent going to pay you much on that. wholesaling, you basically determine your pay going by the deal you found and how much equity is there. I have buyers that offer from 5k and up on wholesale deals and one guy who said he will pay according to the deal starting at 5k. But you really set the price if you want.

Section 3 B

I'm just curious how the Realtor percentage works. I hook up an investor with a realtor and I receive .5% fee on 1-5 houses and so forth but do I receive the flat fee on the first house and how will I know that the investor is doing other deals with the same Realtor?

B. Pryor

for those

looking for this



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What is an invoice?

This is a agreement to bird

This is a agreement to bird dog for legal services?

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reinvestor42 wrote:
looking for this



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Very Helpful

This is very helpful. Thank you.


Thanks I have been looking for a Bird Dog contract.


Jimmie Adams

bird dog agreement

Hey Mike,
Thanks, this is very helpful.

I had missed bookmarking this

Thought I would pop this back up.

Have been searching for one and somehow missed bookmarking this. I have no idea how that happened since I have a VERY BIG bookmark file!

If you have not started your own Bookmark file, I highly recommend doing so. Comes in SO handy.



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Great Info and Links

Thanks everyone, especially CFULLER for the Bird Dog Agreement, and REINVENTOR42 for the links. Bookmark...Bookmark...Bookmark.
Karen W



BD Agreement!

Wow, this is awesome! I was just contacted by one potential BD about this. He wasn't sure how he would know that he would get paid when his referral turns into a deal.

He decided against the agreement, but this will definitely come in handy next time a potential BD gets worried.


Matt Inomata

My Journal:

Another choice, a little simpler



This AGREEMENT is made on _______ of _________, 2012.

The parties to this AGREEMENT are _____________________, hereinafter referred to as the "INVESTOR" whose principal place of business is located at ___________________________ and _____________________, hereinafter referred to as the "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR".

The "INVESTOR" hereby contracts for services by the "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR".

The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" is in the business of: Finding houses for investors.

The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" shall be compensated as follows: _______________ per transaction.

The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" will be responsible for his/her own expenses.

The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" will not, at any time or with the aid or assistance of others, misrepresent the "INVESTOR" in any transaction.

This AGREEMENT will terminate immediately on the occurrence of any of the following events:

1. The written termination of contract of either party to the other

2. The closing of either party’s business

3. Non-performance of the terms of this agreement

If this Agreement is terminated, the "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" is entitled to the agreed upon purchase fees for transactions prior to the date of termination as stated in this Agreement. The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" will not be entitled to any further fees as of the date of termination.

All parties to this Agreement agree to be bound by the decision of an arbitrator, chosen by both parties, should any claim, conflict or controversy arise out of or relating to this Agreement.

The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" is a business contracted to perform the marketing for sellers and buyers of investment properties and is not an employee of the "INVESTOR". The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" specifically waives coverage for Workman’s Compensation, including State Industrial Insurance System (SIIS) Benefits. The "INVESTOR" shall not be responsible for the withholding of any taxes, including but not limited to Income Tax, Social Security, F.I.C.A., State and Federal Employment Security Taxes, and the "INDEPENDENT CONTACTOR" shall be responsible for the payment of all taxes.

It is understood by all parties upon entering into this Agreement that the Property Finder/INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR is acting on behalf of his/her own interest, as a principle in all transactions. The "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" transacts his/her business as a property finder and in no way, directly or indirectly, represents seller for fee, commission, compensation, or other valuable consideration in any way.

This AGREEMENT shall be governed by and construed (understood) in accordance with the laws of the State of _____________.

Executed at the County of ________________, State of _________.

On the day and year written above.

Signature_____________________ Signature__________________

You will have to readjust the headers. In the copy/paste process they went out of center and I usually put BIRD DOG AGREEMENT in bold.


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Bird Dog Contract

Awesome!! Thanks - it is bookmarked!!


American Property Real Estate Investments, LLC

Copy and paste

Both are great bird dog contracts above. bookedmarked one and copied and paste the other. Will definatly be putting these to use.

Thanks for creating this post


Reynold Orozco


Sorry if I sound ignorant, but I have no idea how to BOOKMARK ??,
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Thank you Smiling


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At the very bottom of an original post, on the right side of that first post, is a spot that says "bookmark this". Click it and you're good to go.


Link to 'DG site INSTRUCTIONS' is below

Simo1969 wrote:
Sorry if I sound ignorant, but I have no idea how to BOOKMARK ??,
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Bird Dog Contract

Thanks. This will help me to get started making money to invest later.


H Stackhouse


hi coach thanks, Jim



@ reinvestor42 & @midamerica

Thank you very much ...NONE,..its BOOKMARKED Smiling))


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In Washington state acting

In Washington state acting as a "Bird Dog" is technically illegal (Washington LOVES regulating everything)! However, from what I can tell it is only the term that is illegal, and people get around that by renaming themselves "Research Assistants". So using this contract in Washington wouldn't work, unless you changed the terms (easy enough!).

On a side note, anybody who is just getting started in Washington should really do some research on local state laws regarding some of the practices DG teaches. One such law (RCW 61.34, the "distressed property conveyance act") makes it illegal for an unlicensed person to deal with foreclosures or any property "IN DANGER OF FORECLOSURE" (which could technically be EVERY property) without using a 3rd party licensed broker. It is a felony and punishable up to 10 years in prison. Are they enforcing it? Who knows, but it would be worth doing some local research on the legal applicability/risks of your actions BEFORE engaging with them. It would impossible for DG to stay up to date with every state/county/city law, so it is up to you to fill in the blanks! REI clubs are a great resource to learn the "law" and how people are actually working with/around it.

And I'm in Olympia if anyone wants to talk or needs help with anything.

Oh this is great

I have a lot of people wanting to birddog for me now, so I am marking this so I can find it. Thank you for sharing!

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I like your agreement. My problem has been with bird dogs that have not taken the time to educate themselves. They send me deals that make no sense. You really have to train your bird dogs once you sign them up.

Michael Mangham
Mentoring/Team Building Nationwide
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


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Agreed Michael

Otherwise they send you too many emails will scattered and missing info.

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Looking to be birddog

Hi DG land. my name is Clayton and I'm looking to be a birddog in the Denver, CO area. I am very motivated and knowledgeable. The main reason I want to birddog is that I don't have the capital to start my RE business. I am willing to be trained or just given all details of exactly what you are looking for and minimum amount you want to make. Or if you use a formula to figure out positive cash flow or profit or offer I can just use instead of trained. also would need to know if you want good leads or if you want me to negotiate the price or if you want to do the negotiations that way you decide on what you pay and I just give you all the info and numbers already done so all you have to do is negotiate the price. But if you want to train me to do it the exact way you want it done I'm cool with that.


I'm in Denver. I will buy every real deal you can send me. We look for the usual bread and butter 3 bedroom, 2 bath (and up) single family homes that usually won't go FHA. In other words we don't try and buy houses where we will be competing with owner/occupants. UGLY houses in a nice area.
We look for low average DOM (not hard these days!) and at least a 10% ROI.
We buy from $50,000 to $750,000.
Bring me some deals! I will pay you a flat fee or 25% to 50% of the net profit, depending on how the deal takes place.



Knowledge is power, but execution trumps knowledge. Tony Robbins Seller site Buyer site Bird Dog Site Tenant/Buyer site

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