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Leland Myers
Wiggins, Mississippi
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I was working in a shipyard for almost 19 years.Over the years I have done a little work building scaffolds from anywhere from 6' tall and 2' wide and 2' long to 240' tall and 40' wide and 40' long. I have done a little roofing and some fiberglass work and spent the last 18 years in a shipyard working there doing scaffolding, fiberglass work and a supervisor in composites for the last 12 years. Last year i saw it coming that they would be doing away with the composites side and then what would I be doing ? I could see how many of the people looked after so many years of work there and I had noticed so many people had passed away over the years I had been there and I could not see my self staying there spending all my time working for them as they cut benefits and told me to work weekends also and never have time to do my business or have family time. The last year i have been on night shift and not seeing my son made it hard. Now the end is in sight and they have told everyone what I saw coming, the composites will be shutting down and then no one cared and they started to get crazy with things there. One night i was at work and it just hit me, this was my last night and when i told them all they could not believe it, that i was giving up 18 1/2 years of my life to go chase some Real Estate dream with no pay check coming in.

Well now i am working on my business full time as of 8-2-13 and I feel so much better not baby sitting 25 crying adults. I have my son, mom, dad, and girlfriend that i have to help support and take care of so its all business now !! i have played around long enough and need to make this happen before the end of this year 2013 !! I just have to over come my fears and keep pushing forward.

I started a journal just to keep up with what i have done so i will have a way to look back and see all that has happened to me with the help of everyone.

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Hi Leland, welcome aboard and get ready to network. Leland, we are a national lender that can fund all your SFR and Commercial projects; if you need quick funding for any of these, send me a private message and I will send you a link, thanks and enjoy this web site.


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Thanks i may give you a ring, as of right now i dont know what all i really need


Happy new year! How is your REI going on so far? I hope is going great.. Keep up the work..Remember YOU GOT THIS!!