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steve[n] Marshall
Charleston , South Carolina
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I was born in the mid 1950's upstate SC. Moved to Charleston in early 1960's after my Dad excepted a new job here in the newspaper business. Had a slight tormented childhood, oh well who didn't lol. There are 4 other siblings in the family, 1 older and the rest younger. We moved to a new house a couple years later which was a new developing n/hood area. Dirt roads and lots of new stick houses waiting to be explored which I did, over & over, etc. Across the street were woods galore to explore until it was cut down and a huge apt. complex was built, OH boy, another playground + a new playground, yippee!! Years later, met some hip dudes, grew long hair and got hip[pie]. Finished HS, most school chums moved away, few stayed in touch. From then on, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times, a dark and stormy ' nightmare '. 41 years later, I am along w/ a brother are living with Mom and caring for her, Dad went to be w/ the Lord a year ago. I had many jobs, construction, sales and more. Now unemployed, no income, selling most all I have including my blood /plasma to get by. I have a 'free' phone and use a food stamp card for now. Have tried working w/ a couple RE investors but no luck w/ them so far and have seen deals galore go right passed me in the order of @ at least $40+ K if not more. Listened to webinars by several super RE investors, taken notes up to here ^. oh, well , that's it in a nutshell. So anyone that reads this , I am available to do deals with. Let's make money together $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, please !!!!!! $$$

REAL ESTATE, SFH, DPLX , QUADS , MULTI, MULTI FAMILY, ALL KIND OF COMMERCIAL PROPS Love being outdoors, live music, concerts, bars, playing guitar, cars, large boats, travel, making people laugh, cookouts w/ family, meeting new people

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Currently unemployed since 3 / 2012
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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no mortgages, bank owned, passing on deals/gettin paid, etc...

What's up with these.(jerry s.} Getting no ' Respect '. (rodney d.) I have come across several what I thought were 'deals'. Passed them along to other 'investors', made follow up phone calls, talked to the owners of the properties and get alot of negative feedback, why? What have I done wrong or right. I just can't say.... I am open to any/all comments or partnerships etc... thank you DG family for any help y'all can hep me with $$$$$$$$$$++++++$$$$$= $$$$$$$ srm

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DG, I sent a request for your local person in the Chas,SC area. I would enjoy getting a reply for this request. If he or she is here in this market then I would like to talk to / meet this person. If being a 'ghost' in this area is at their request then I respect the privacy but I was under the impression the assigned person in that area of US would be accessible to persons as myself to partner with or at least discuss and areas to invest in. I would like a response to this please. thank you sm