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My biggest obstacle is not

My biggest obstacle is not being able to make a smooth transition between the life I have and the life I aspire

My biggest obstacle

My biggest obstacle is that I am broker than broke and over weight.....I have made soo many wrong decisions in my 36 years, how do I know that any decision I make now will be the right one?? It is scary.

biggest obstacle.

Hello Dean. My big obstacle right now is my health and my non stop will of don't stop. After my knees replacements financially we just have no choice of down hill. I was forced to go back to work early with a big oay cut. My salary was cut by 8000 a year. I am currently working on getting my insurance license in order to change my current job to one that at right now will help us not to go under deeper than where we are.
I love real estate and all the things this business can offer. We were even able to put together our own company and we add property management. Too many dreams. ..... crazy to jump in. .... super scare of who will pay the bills. .... everything is behind. ..is just I don't know what to do. ...that is my big obstacle. ..


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I really don't have a fear.
Its just time. I went from being a plumber to having my own plumbing business, to be hurt by the economy and not being able to stay alive.
I went to a trucking school in Tucson AZ were I've lived for 30 years and went to trucking.
I have a dream to be big in the industry of frieght hauling.
To make good money grow and invest into real estate.
It's been tough Dean.

My Biggest Obstacle

I am doing well in real estate and life. But my biggest obstacle to going to the next level has been not finding enough buyers for my wholesale business. I keep hearing that there are so many buyers out there for my wholesale properties, but I can't seem to find many in my local market. It hasn't kept me from moving forward, but it just hasn't been at the pace I want.

My Biggest Obstacle

Hey Dean

My obstacle feels like a number of things that are somehow all related to each other. My first big one is that I'm an MtF transsexual and my fear of finishing my final surgery is totally messing up my life quite a lot. I'm also afraid to quit a job I'm really unhappy at because of my I.D mismatching and what working somewhere else will be like because of that fear.

I'm also trying to write my very own first novel but I can never seem to get myself going at a decent pace. I'm afraid nobody will like my writing, which is also why I've always wanted to write essays and start a blog but again, I'm scared of being judged or having a negative reputation at the start of my writing career or even being ignored. Its a fear I've done everything to get rid of, but I just can't bring myself to. I'm motivated and inspired one day and I'm weak willed the next.

I guess I'm afraid of being judged and what people think of who I am more than anything. It's also made me get pushed around a lot in my personal relationships too. If anything, I'l like that to change the most.

My Biggest Fear

As of march 15, 2015, I made the momentous decision to go into real estate investing full time. Its may 2, 2015 now and on may 8,2015, I will be closing my first deal. I have transactional funding in place, I am starting my marketing on the property to get a renter to occupy and the market rate, once that is in place, I have a refi the transactional funding and hold for as long as 36 months. I am projecting $26,400.00 net after both closing. Biggest decision is should I refi back to back or wait four to six months to refi. My biggest fear in this: nothing works out and I have go back to working minimum wage at 50 years of age. I have been demoralized in another area of my life, this will bring me down below demoralization. That is my fear.

My biggest obstacle

Hello Dean, my biggest obstacle is concentration and time. I cannot find enough time during the day to make more deals. I have to concentrate on what's important say no to things that are not important and put more offers every day.

Biggest obstacle is :

Overwhelmed with information overload! I need to simplify and get off this fence.


I have a ton of trouble making offers.

Biggest obsticale

besides the fact that I have lost my job, there is never any money to do any deals , a few times I found good deals they were stolen out from under me by the byers I introduced the deals to and wasn't offered any finders fee, what are the exact steps to locking up a deal from start to finish ,there is a LOT of dishonest people out there , that claim to be investors, I have been a member of the DG family for years. I have bought all your books ,read and re read, done what you say to do, checked all the weekly wisdoms ,listened to al the seminars and call-inns and nothing works out right. I have got a incredible story to tell If I could only get my first deal done. PLEASE HELP. RICK

My biggest fear is....

My biggest fear is failing at real estate and not knowing where to go after that.

Dean,my biggest fear is

Dean,my biggest fear is leaving the quasi-fat-cat comfort zone of my present job to find out that I am completely unprepared for a new venture. I hear voices: "You're too old, you're asking for too much",etc.,etc. But thanks to your videos on Emotional Time and Resistance,I now have the leverage to isolate and challenge these fears. I have now "made conscious" memories of when I was relentless and made endless calls!

Do what you fear and fear disappears. Bring it on!

Biggest fear

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Biggest fear that I will make a mistake tha will cost my family more than we can afford to lose. Not just talking about money

Biggest fear

My biggest fear is that I am the ideas person in our household, and what if my idea is wrong and it costs us a lot financially? Will we be able to bounce back without too much pain for my beautiful family?

Biggest Fear

I have so many that depend on me and my income and I am fearful of making a huge mistake that I let them down. If it were just me I would be on my way

Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is taking action! I have read your books, and I keep trying to take action, but something always stops me. It is like every time you want to diet you are suddenly more hungry! I feel the same about taking action in Real Estate. When reading the books I say to myself - I WILL take action - tomorrow. Then when tomorrow comes, I feel the need and urge to read another chapter, or blog or something and hence no action! And another tomorrow comes and goes!
In my heart I know I can do it - but I just can't get up and fly!

Fear of: Failure, Rejection & Success

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I come from humble beginnings from a small town (Stanger) in South Africa. Both my dad and mum have sacrificed everything to provide the best education and life for me, allowing me to be a better human being, with the belief there's always a better way!

I have BIG DREAMS along with a compelling future,
as well as a strong belief and confidence in myself, with an obsession in personal development, fused with the intention to design/build a series of products/businesses, to help others (help them rise above their perceived limited potential, uplift them to believe again and transform from being a walking zombie to breakthrough and also achieve success, in turn learn/grow myself) and make the world a better place than I found it!

I want to, in return of service, adding value to others; provide the best quality life for both my parents and my family (wife & 2 kids) - reach financial freedom quicker, whilst living a life of purpose, meaning through service to others, making my parents (& God!) proud (especially to honour my parent's sacrifice through those past years)!

However, for some strange reason, each time that I want to proceed further, with speed, towards my dreams, I seem to get unconsciously "stuck"... procrastinate... lie to my family and friends... continuously make excuses... continuously busy being busy !!??

I get scared, become lazy... over-whelm and anxiety sets in.
I'm afraid (deep down)...
- have a fear of failure (what will others think or say, the thought of losing finances to support my family due to the lost credibility from my failure/s and also not knowing enough to be effective in helping others),
- rejection from society (including the disappointment from my immediate family, should I fail whilst pursuing my dreams and the thought of having wasted my family's and my time in the process),
- & funnily enough (simultaneously) a fear of success should I generate alot of wealth from being able to help others (what will others think, would I be accepted by society, or simply alienated).


S.O.S - Dean please help! Thank You!

To ALL the DG fans/family, thank you for your advice / words of wisdom... lots of love always!

Biggest Fear

it always has been the fear of success. That somewhere along the lines I will lose the ones I love. Plain and simple.

Biggest Fear/Obstacle

I have flipped 3 properties successfully and own 2 good cash flowing rental properties. I'm a superintendent for a commercial contractor and have had a lot of success doing that. It's always been my dream to run my own successful business. I have my real estate license and I'm only a couple months away from having my contractor's license in my city.

I'd love to run my own business full time. My biggest obstacle is managing the process to go from employee to owner. I'm the only income earner for my family of 5, so I can't take any chances. In order to go from employee to owner I am taking on more and more side work while doing my full time job. I'm only making a small fraction of what I need on the side, and my work load is already taking me to my breaking point. I need to continue taking on more side work to replace my full time job income, but I can't see how taking on more work is possible with the hours I have in a day.

My obstacle is finding enough time to replace my job income and my fear is not making enough to provide for my family.

fears ??????

I am finding out I need to keep my head( what you told Matt some time back) down and stay focused and and step even farther out of my non comfort zone, yes!My fear, gosh dont know for sure if any, just getting er done and staying at it and not letting all these interruptions that come at all the wrong times and they come, I hate that! !!!!!!Will not quit, oh no!!!!!!! Jim

Biggest fear!

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3 years in to your Program and no deals yet. We worry about the funds to make our first deal. The wholesale way has not worked for us that we can not get investers. Now I,m thinking transational funding might be the way to go for us.Please we need more help!!!

Biggest fear / obstacle

My biggest fear is for my children to follow the ways of this world rather than Jesus and the values that I try to instill in them.

My biggest obstacle is a lack of time to complete all of my goals.

Failure is not an option. "Whatsoever you're hand findeth to do, do it with all your might, as unto the Lord."

Justice Gannaway

I guess it's the fear of belief I can make it happen

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I believe I can do the process you teach. Getting past the first 3 deals would be a solid confidence base. And I've seen your videos on this matter. I am trying to work on this problem. Jim, of Indiana

Biggest Fear/Obstacle

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My biggest obstacle is ME. I get myself so psyched up in my head that I can do anything and I can go out and talk to anyone but then I get out there and talk myself out of why I should talk to this person or why would this person want to work with me? I just don't want to be rejected or make a fool of myself.


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Hello Dean,

I've HAD and overcame them all. I have found that what I fear, I can overcome by just getting out there and facing fear in the eyes and crushing her. Right now I fear my teenagers attitudes and how they believe they know it all. Will I be strong enough to help them develop past that stage? It is driving me crazy! Laughing out loud. But like all fears, I will tackle it when I have the opportunity to have the most impact in them. I'm sure every parent goes through this and I'm comforted to remember I had an attitude at that age too and so this too shall pass.

Biggest Fear

My fear is talking to people, and saying the wrong things and messing up the deals. I worry about the kind of houses I find, they aren't the kind I would buy, they are small and I just don't think investors would want them. I bought 2 houses in the past few years & one I couldn't sell so I'm renting it out, the other one took 10 months to sell so holding time took almost all my profit. I'm getting close to retirement, and fear that real estate is passing me by. Help!

My biggest obstacle

My biggest obstacle is letting go a steady pay check! I am also uneasy about using our savings for an investment then becoming cash poor!

Biggest Fear/Obstacle

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It does seem that I keep getting in my own way. I am a Realtor and recently quit my other "job" and changes brokers. My obstacle is my next deal - and how to get it. I so look forward to your training coming up because I am in need of a plan to follow. To be able to keep all the balls in the air (or the ones that matter) and still have a life to enjoy my loved ones and to daily work on my fitness. Some days I feel overwhelmed trying to get everything on my list done. Time management! Your daily wisdom's are very inspirational but I still have road blocks!! It is all between the ears! Thanks for all you do!

Biggest Fear

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My biggest fear is and always has been the fear of what other people will think of me. It has been what has held me back from everything that I ever wanted to do, from doing well at school, work, and business. I'm a person that needs to be liked, and if someone doesn't like me it really hurts. Thank you Dean for all of the wisdom and knowledge that you deliver every week.