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Tony Caesar Escobedo
San Diego, CA
About Me: 

I started investing a yr ago buying the Rock Bottom Blueprint and started doing the 25;1 here in San Diego Ca last Sept. I had previously sold janitorial franchises for 5 yrs and resigned from that last yr to pursue REInvesting. I am legally blind w/tunnel vision 20/25 it's like looking through 2 straws but the 2 straws work really well Smiling no peripheral vision though but the cure is coming soon they are working hard on it and we should have it soon!

I have honestly dabbled in rei & have gotten 7 deals under contract but couldnt close them a)not having buyers or b)not having the emd or not knowing becuase of not havin gone through the whole RBBP to have my buyers pay the emd. But, I am not giving up and have just resolved to do this full time M-F 8-5pm this is all I have to do full time & I am getting a deal soon! I am 47 yrs old and it is time!

Real Estate Investing, Music-singing-listening to music, reading-literatrure, art, travel, food-fine cuisine, dancing, comedy-laughing, a lot!

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor
No Children
Some College


Gilbert AZ hm's at 84% FMV

I have these hm's from my assett mgr contact w/just deals w/me we hit it off she has these prop's from this individual investor in Gilbert w/wants to liquidate his 11 hm's(apparantly this is a hot market). 9 of them are performing w/$8,400 total gross cashflow dont know any the net yet & 2 of them are vacant & they are all new hm's move in ready the vacant ones.

He wants to sell them for $140k ea. they are worth 170k ea but he wants to sell them all together in bulk for $1,540,000. they are worth $1,870,000 or 84% of Fmv. he had offers of more than 140k on several of his prop's but he wants to sell them all together & he is firm in his price, anybody int? this would be my 1st deal PM me

50% off OH prop's

I also have now a long list in Oh fr this same assett mgr w/wants to sell these prop's she lets me know about these before anyone else knows-we hit it off. if we make offers she says for 55% of the listed price we can have them, anyone int? They operate in other states too like michigan, Fl. working on my 1st deal!


set up w/filters out ads from for fsbo's so you dont have to go through craiglist and spend a lot of time looking then emails you those ads, it does w/ use to do before it got shut down by craigslist, i wanted to share this w/everybody because I heard Matt say in the edge i think about tried it, it didnt work so googled websites like and viola got

whew, been non stop breakneck speed since monday I love it this is how to work, using deans daily method-now, soon, eventually. today networked, researched prop's, , great day!

Check it out this rocks I am getting about 10 emails a day, Thanks Dean