Has Dean Forgotten His Roots?

Has Dean Forgotten His Roots?

Since I am pretty active on this site, i get a lot of PMs. I feel very honored that people will approach me and say things that they don't dare say in the open forums. And I reply with what my heart says and not what is necessarily considered "politically correct". (Of course, those of you who have been here for a while are not surprised at that! It has gotten me in trouble a few times!) Eye-wink

Yes, a lot of people were disappointed over the fact that joining the IE was just not feasible for them right now. I am one of those people that just did not feel that I could budget it at this time.

One of the PMs I received said to me, " They are always asking for money for stuff here, I can barely get by now. I think Dean has just gotten so rich that he has forgotten where he came from."

I can remember when I first came here and various programs were offered and I had to pass on them. Just no money. I sometimes wondered the same thing.

That was because like so many of us, I had fallen for guru after guru making their promises, taking my money and then letting me down again and again. We get so that we are afraid to believe.

I joined DG.com a little over two years ago and I started participating and studying and reading and connecting and I knew that things REALLY were different here. I developed very strong friendships. People who honestly and truly ARE closer than my blood family. And the longer I was here, the more I let myself believe!

This is a very hard and frustrating business. People come and go here so fast it is like a revolving door on crack! The business is simple. But not easy. You will hear this over and over because it is the truest true.

It is so easy to lose your motivation.

So here is my honest to goodness assessment of Dean. He does every single drop of this because HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN!!!! They say an elephant never forgets!!! Whoever said that NEVER MET DEAN!

He knows down to the tips of his toes (yes, in his very expensive tennis shoes) that any of us can do it! But that's the whole dogma! We have to DO IT!

He knows how easy it is to get frustrated and give up and for us to never be able to break out of the oppressive struggles that many of us have day to day. And he wants better than that for YOU and for ME!

So he comes up with cool stuff to help us. To get us excited! To teach us and keep us believing in ourselves. Because when it comes down to it, that's who we really have to believe in, isn't it? We have to believe that WE are the ones who can do it!

And if you are really objective about this, How much did you pay to join this site? Of course, after you join, there is that BIG monthly fee... To ask questions and get answers from coaches and other people here who are doing lots of deals? The tickets for those videos from Dean every week get pretty expensive, too.

But, of course, it did cost you $19.95 for one of his books and he really insulted you by giving you the second one free!

Instead of resenting the fact that we couldn't join the "new club", I say let's celebrate the fact that we are a HUGE part of this family and we will never be left behind unless we decide to be!

As for me, I am using all these incredible tools and the knowledge that I have been blessed to receive here and I am gonna BUST IT!

And I need all my relatives here to charge with me!!!

Who's coming!?!

From my heart!



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well said Karen

Ye, what she said, lol


second that!!!


Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end.

You have not lived a perfect day, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you. Ruth Smeltzer

It is what it is 'til you change it.

Straight From the Heart & On Point,.......Bravo Karen

I Love this quote:

“What I find most attractive is the direct link between how hard ( *even better- how SMART ) you work and the outcome you get. "

" You own the results.” – Nick LaCava, member of the USA Olympic Rowing Team

Yes! I'm with you!

Dean and you are right. ONLY YOU can help yourself, but Dean offers his knowledge and products. Wheather we can afford it or not is not Dean's problem. It just gives everyone an incintive to get out there and do what Dean says in his books. Kareng I agree with everything you said. Good Luck and keep moving forward.

Annette Bates


If it's to be, it's up to me! Believe in YOURSELF!


Good post!!
I too could not afford it, but wasn't upset over it. I have a few of his books, and truly believe you only need one book and this site and you can do it. NO other systems by others can even come close to Deans caring and daily help for everyone.
I have struggled big time for years, most people know about my life on here, and in spite of all, I still had people surprised that I hung unto my horses and houses with even no job for awhile.
My life now is probably the worst since I retired a couple years ago. I get down and fed up with trying and being broke, and yes I want to quit. But you can't.
This blog and FB have opened a lot of friends on here, and I meet many people at REI clubs that are from Dean. Having almost no family in Wisconsin, makes Deans family even more important.
I am not on here much anymore, but I do check it at times. Karen I remember the first time we talked on the phone, and how that gave me a good boost to follow through on this.
I too would receive PMs from people asking me to help them, and would even talk on the phone to several. Had a couple ask me to basically do everything for them, and one got upset because I kept telling her what she wanted to do, wasn't legal or right.
Others, I still talk to every so often and we keep each other motivated.
So if you couldn't afford the IE, so what, take what you have, get involved and get your feet wet, then jump in.
You don't learn by just reading, you learn by trying. And if it didn't work out the first time, try it again and again, till it does.
Then you start to do things, and if and when you can afford it, then you can buy these extra programs.
But you don't need all these things to do your first deal. And if you are really scared, join a REI club, those are affordable! And offering to work for another investor as a bird dog will give you the extra confidence and knowledge you need.


When I joined the DG family I was blown away with what was available for FREE.

The ability to communicate with people who are out there doing it.

I had come from another group that to be a member you had to pay a monthly fee to even think of having that communication, and most of those were a bunch of stuffed noses if you know what I mean.

Yeeesss we have to pay for the books and the success academy and whatever long term program we involve ourselves in but we still have the books that got most of us out of the rut and onto a better path. It’s like you said “WE” have to do it. I have to do it NOBODY is going to do it for you. You have to want it so bad that you can’t sleep at night just thinking of the possibilities.

When I saw what Dean was offering I new that I didn’t need to go any further or anywhere else. It was all with in the IE program. I was missing one component that I felt was something that was keeping me from going forward faster. I was about to join another group that offered that but it was much more money and I was struggling with it. I am so glad that I didn’t join because I would be paying much more.

I actually quit 2 other memberships because now I had what I needed in the IE for a bit less money than what I was paying.

So I feel that anyone who complains about what this cost really does not understand what others are charging for less than what we are getting in the IE.

Do the research and you will see what I mean.

Look! With the books we have really all we need to move to the next 2 or 3 levels. Just get off your posterior and do it. “BUT DON”T REINVENT THE WHEEL” everything is right there. Follow it step by step with out deviation and you WILL succeed.

I hope you all feel my emotion about this we are in a great place to succeed let’s not complain about what can’t get. Look at what we have and use that to get you going and then join the other programs as your business progresses.

OK enough of this I’m getting ready to travel to Orlando to see my Mom who is in a nursing home.


Now let’s go flip a house.


"It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life,
it is how you handle what happens to you.
Zig Zigler


You hit that nail on the head all day long. The issue that I see alot of the time in today's market is that so many people have identified the opportunity the real estate crash could provide. However, MOST of those people are what I call "mom and pop" investors that have no education and are trying to "do real estate" on their own because they don't wanna pay for knowledge. I have no issue paying or better said, "investing" in Dean's programs. I bought into the success academy, Rock Bottom Blueprint, and now IE. And I will continue to buy his materials because he is the real deal and always "Adapting and Overcoming" as we said in the Marines. People need to look at it as a college degree except if you apply it as you would your college education in your workplace, you are almost guaranteed to succeed! Ok, soapbox is gone. Smiling

It wasn't me that asked that question!

Just wanted to say that since, I know I had posted a negative comment about IE. I also was dissapointed about the paid site, when I thought this site was going to be free of spam, but it still works well despite the spam. And like you say it is free!
I also get that Dean is a businessman. I guess many have been let down by other programs and so are naturally cautious. I am starting to believe too. I see all the people who really care about Dean. I know I was wrong to post negative since this is a free site and Dean does give so much. I was just trying to relate my feelings are frustrations with the new site. I am glad you posted this Karen. I hope DEan will forgive me for my negative comments. You sure are a nice and helpful bunch here for sure. Tammy


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all the comments

Iam sure reading and listening to you all, do you remember that ole saying "nothing worth while is easy or free" it takes work to be good at what ever is important and worth while and who said it was going to be easy."Scared yah Iam scared" but you know what I dont let that get in my way because I dont have time to think about it but only a second or two and its gone.Ieve had some very good deals slip by, ok so what, on to the next. If my partner hangs in there with me who is a DGer( and I have many on here)and she knows who she is (NPNs)thats all I can say, we are going to do well and so will anyone else who has the will to stay with me.My life is a real challendge at this time to make this all work, but we are going to make it and have alot of fun along the way.We are all hungery( sp) for a better life and more freedom and to help others.I take life day by day because I have to, I have no family at least blood family, but you know my life gets better each and every day in some way now it may be small or it may be large but something is always happening, Iam like a kid in a toy store and Iam never bored, we make our lives what we wish to make it, isnt life fun!!!!!!!wishing you all the very best, Jim




I know I dont post much on the site...but I read it most everyday and yes I read it yesterday, a little shocked ..lol But Hey sometimes we get frustrated we are all human after all. What I've been working on is letting go of those frustrations life hands me and turn them in to possitives, hard to do at first but when you do it is truly liberating and only YOU (ME) can do it!!

"When you have done exactly what your inner self feels you should do each day, you will feel free to leave the would each day. To be perfectly sure that you are doing what you should be doing, you will have to do what you love doing. People who dont do what they enjoy are not happy."---Mark Fisher


"Cut not the wings of your dreams,
for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul." ~ Flavia

Kathy Wholesales TX
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Great post!

you have posted many a times here, great posts, may I add, but I think that this post is by far, your best one!

I also agree with you that I have made some incredible friendships here! and it is a fact that I spend more time talking to my investor friends than I spend talking to my siblings! There is nothing like sharing details about deals or new investment discoveries with like-minded people! Just last Sunday I was talking to a family member and I mentioned that I was going to some open houses as I do every Sunday; her reply was "What is wrong with you!" I could not help but smile to myself, and think of Dean's words at the Edge event ('everyone outside this room thinks we are crazy')Eye-wink

I am definitely not the same person I was two years ago (before I joined the DG family); back then I had dreams, now I have goals; and I am achieving my goals thanks to everything I have directly or indirectly learned from Dean, and for the action that I have taken.

Nobody forgets where they come from; but many forget to turn a helping hand when they become successful. Dean does not need to do all the things he does to help us; if he did it solely for the money, there are many other ways to do it that would take less of his energy and less of his time.
His successful students are not only financially successful, they are successful in all other areas of their lives; they are honestly totally fulfilled. And that is where I'm heading too...

so yes, Karen, my friend, I'm with you...



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Way to go

Way to go Karen! Dean has not forgotten his roots at all , in fact he clearly remembers them and has created an incredbile system to help the rest of us do what he has done. I am LOVING this IE, wish I could spend more time listening to all the videos and all. But as Michael always points out, its time to get out and get busy, thats where we'll learn the most.




That is a very good post. Since i am knew i try to read everything i can and i have learned so much from what you have to say.

RE Works

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Great post, Karen!

Hi, Karen! I have been seeing you here and there often at this site. Smiling

Though I jointed dg.com like two years ago, I have only been an active member for the past week or so. I have to say I love this site.

I couldn't afford the IE, either, but that is not stopping a bit. Like you some of those gurus got a chunk of my $, but I know I will be able to pay that off, using Dean's strategies and encouragement I get from great friends just like you.

To our massive success!

Matt Inomata

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"When the end is held firmly enough in consciousness, the means to bring it about has already been set in motion." ~ Thomas Troward

I'll See Each of You, At The Top !!


Way to go Karen

I'm with you on this. Great post.



Karen, I agree 100% with what you said.

If people would sit for a minute and imagine that if Dean had never released the IE, what would they be doing?
Were they expecting the IE to push them into action? What's stopping them from doing what they could before the IE was released?
Look at how many people got started off of only ONE of Dean's books.

I'm not saying the IE isn't a great deal, it's huge! But all the same, if you really believe you'll succeed in real estate, you'll make it happen with or without the IE.

People should be grateful that Dean has offered such an amazing opportunity. If you don't have money, so what? You're not the only one. Use what you have on bandit signs, business cards, yellow letters & stamps... etc.

Dean has shown us hundreds of doors of opportunities, it's up to us to walk through them.


Mark K. Cool

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Amen Girlfriend! Smiling lol!

You, Matt and Mark are TOTALLY correct!

Dean is the real deal and what would they be doing w/o IE. They're on this site for a reason. Dean still made it a point to address this situation after all was said and done this past weekend, and didn't HAVE TO! There's no doubt he was sincere when delivering that message! If one chooses not to believe it, that's unfortunately their loss.

KISS!! Bandit signs, buyers, sellers and offers will get you there. That's what I'm doing FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!

I'm with you Karen. It's gonna be a FUN RIDE!!



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my 2 cents

Well said Karen.
Dean is selling a product, no lie there. The difference is he cares what happens to you after you buy it. That is why this FREE site exists AND he does the free webinar calls. I used this site to make great friends and get guidance. I suggest you take advantage of this also. Give 100% effort and take action and you will be succesful.
His book for 19.00 has more than enough info in it to make it with just that.

You can have anything you want in life as long as your willing to work for it.

Never ever give up!!

Re: Everyone

Some of the posts in this thread are very long, and I don't have time to go through them right now, but I will say that I certainly do not that Dean has forgotten his roots nor do I think that he has problems identifying with his students. I think he genuinely cares. I agree with Karen in that the more one gets involved with Dean, his colleagues and his systems the more you'll appreciate him and them.

However, some of Dean and his colleague's systems and education are expensive, but I think they are necessary. I was fortune to be ahead of the learning curve rather than behind it when I came to DG, because I've studied real estate investing for 20 years, and I've also studied business and real estate in college and am a licensed professional. So, what's important to me now is to get the systems necessary to connect sellers to buyers. Now doubt, I'll lay down a pretty penny for them, just as I have for my college education, but I think it will be worth it. If not, I'll ask for my money back.


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By The Way

I think that almost every rich person that wasn't born with a silver spoon in their mouth has accused of "forgetting where they came from," and I've known some extremely rich people in my time, and I still do. I hate to say it, but for some (not necessarily the person Karen was referring to), it's an excuse for one's own inaction.

I absolutely and firmly believe, even though I have not figured out how to do it yet, that any able bodied person in America can become a millionaire and probably several times over especially in real estate and especially during the ongoing real estate crisis. As a disabled, Gulf War Veteran I am not able bodied, but I am determined to do it, anyway.

One of the first, most important steps one can take is to stop resenting those that have more money than oneself. It's very hard to do, because we're constantly being told to think the opposite way, and Dean's also absolutely right about that.

For me, when I pull up to someone who has a $50,000 or more car, or I'm out working in a very ritzy neighborhood, I do not resent them nor do I covet their possessions or status, I just wonder, "What do they know that I do not?" and "What are they doing that I am not." If I get a chance, I ask, I spend time with that person, and I learn rather than resenting and making resentful comments.

Tomorrow, will be out on a Saturday morning in nicer neighborhoods than the one I live in, and I will be handing out fliers and visiting to people as they walk dogs, mow grass or whatever. I'll be networking with them, building relationships, trying to get referrals, etc., but I certainly will not be resenting any of them.


Rick Allison, Realtor
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This is how I feel about Dean Graziosi, right now !!.

Dean Graziosi, is everything I need right now in this time or era in our economy, where Real Estate Investing is concerned. I bet there are a lot more very successful Real Estate Experts, coaches, teachers, programs, systems etc. out there that can show me what I need to do, in order to make my dream a reality, in real estate investing. But, are they as really PASSIONATE, SINCERE and COMMITTED about my personal success as a person or individual or LLC like Dean Graziosi does, when he shared his heart out ? I really don't think so, honestly speaking.

I haven't met this gentleman yet, I would like to one day, but for now, I can sense a DEEP FEELING of personal interest he has for wanting me and us to succeed.
His passion, seems so real as he shared his heart out on many video's I've watched ( Via his WEEKLY WISDOM ), hoping for our success and the desire of our dreams to become one without regrets in the future.
I am saying this, because, I know a great person when I see one & hear one ( I have tuned in to Dean's weekly wisdom to not only be educated, but also to get a feel of the person who is training and teaching me about success in Real Estate. So far, " I am very impressed ".{ Not to mention, my personal coach Shah ( via PMI ), that I can call on daily for help anytime of the week, with any questions or concerns I have about real estate }

*** " I happened to ran across a NEWS CLIP Today Called " TRENDING NOW " on yahoo home page, while I was reading my real estate business email via yahoo. The news was about a PIG that saves a Goats from drowning while his foot was stucked underneath a 3 feet dept of water. It was an incredible thing happened. The PIG was know as a HERO !! . Now here is how I feel, I feel like I have been drowning Like that GOAT for many years now in trying to become successful at business. And kept failing over & over & over & over, but continued to pursue no matter what happens, because I believe in my dreams( that one day my family and I will be completely free or have the freedom to be free ).
And Here comes bystanders watching me drowning and maybe laugh or pass critics. But Dean Graziosi,s teaching & system, gives me more hope of keep on going on with the ; WISDOM, CAPABILITY, CONFIDENCE AND DIRECTION to succeed at Real Estate, While I continued the expansion of my journeys through another.

" I feel like I am the Goat who had been saved buy the Pig, while I was trying to keep my head above the waters from drowning. And a HERO comes along and save me ". This reminds me that no matter what happened in life, be thankful, because each day can be a surprise.


We need to stay focus on Dean Graziosi's teaching, resources and system that he has in place for all of us and apply them the best way we can, as Real Estate Investors to succeed. I am very proud to be a part of his educational wisdom & inner circle, in real estate.

Thank you very much Dean Garziosi's & team.

Noel Powell.

** Please, do not take this message out of context or the wrong way in any form, shape or way, this is how I really feel, right now and chose to share **



Great post Karen!

I've been thinking about this very same thing the last few days, and the thing that kept coming to mind is this quote, "Every person can see, but not every person has vision".

Everyone of us on this site have been given the exact same opportunities (within this site), how we can act upon them is our circumstance. How we DEAL with the circumstance is how we achieve our vision, how we MAKE IT HAPPEN. Once we all realize that we are GREATER than our circumstance we can achieve anything. I wasn't able to join IE right now, but it's now one of those things that I am going to do. I have to work it into my goal set so that I can make it happen, we all have to position ourselves to succeed without expecting things to be handed to us.

***Just me 2 cents, not meant to make anyone upset or feel badly. Now go get some***


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"Do or do not, there is no try"

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit"

I can only parrot......

I can only parrot the good things that have been said by all the above posters. I have been paying my dues and have achieved limited successes. I want more so I had to make sacrifices to join IE but I am banking on the rewards being worth the sacrifice. And that's the point, if it were easy, everybody would be succeeding because they didn't have to do anything difficult. We all should know by now that the road to success is not a short one or a smooth one but it has a wonderful end if we keep going down the path towards it. Some might run to it, walk to it, crawl to it, etc but they all will get there.

Whether you could afford to or were able to get into the IE program or not, just remember that not one of the experts in this program or on this site had the IE program to achieve their success. They had desire, willing and all the wisdom Dean had to offer prior to their success so don't think you cannot achieve your goals without this new program. Within the IE program, Dean has already talked about how this site (DG.com) will always be available to help everyone WANTING to succeed and WILLING TO DO THE WORK to get started. That doesn't sound like someone who has forgotten his roots.

Our fellow DGer Michael Mangham repeated offers this sage advice on many posts:To paraphrase "You don't succeed by just learning but by actually doing the work." So finish reading this and GO GET STARTED! Eye-wink

Andy Sager
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Andy Sager
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The IE program

I really wish I could have been able to get this program also but have to let it go now. Its too bad that these offers get closed because I usually have the cash later. There is still a wealth of untapped knowledge here on this website that I haven,t even touched yet.
And that was a great post Karen.


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Well said Karen

Dean in person, is who you see in the blogs every week. He is as real as they get. His passion, although is real estate, is also to create more millionaires than anyone else. And he is doing that. He sees the stumbling blocks that people have and he goes on a mission to solve the problem. His real passion is to see others change their life around; because he does remember his roots and where he comes from.

He gives so much free to everyone. This site. The blogs. The webinars. Then he has the books; which have all the knowledge and information we all need; for $20. Dean will always be a marketer; but he aims to give tools to us that will better our lives and help us to succeed. To get mad that now may not be the time to be able to get into the advanced training and tools should help to motivate you to set a goal for a higher level, to achieve a deal so you are able to get the advanced stuff. This is about PERSPECTIVE. If you tell yourself you can, you will. If you say you can't, you won't.

I went into debt and joined the success academy. I didn't have the money. My company was going under, and the money was not there. But, I put it on my credit card and told myself 'I will do the 5 deals to get my full refund'. And I did. $7244. If *I* can do it, why can't you? I am only an ordinary person. I choose to go out and do extraordinary things like so many other DG students.

Make it a goal to be able to attain Dean's materials. Write it down. Read it daily. Keep going. Do something daily to achieve your goal. Its your choice.

Good Job Karen


I have also joined some other REI groups and spent a pretty penny on them as well, but the honest to God truth is that it really is better here! Dean's books and programs are some of the BEST. And when it comes down to comparing him to other guru's, he is so much more relatable. I guess he could be a great actor, but somehow I don't think so. I'm honestly only still in this race because of Dean. I like him, and I trust him. Yes he is a business man too, and he has to make money. We can't get mad at him for that. Besides I'm sure there are many executive decisions he doesn't have 100% control over, and there is a large staff he works with. I know of a few others here who are successful and know Dean and will tell you that he does the best he can for us, but sometimes the numbers get in the way.

I AM A Dean Graziosi Fan Every Day of the Week!


Life is full of choices, and these choices become your reality... YOU are in control of your future! YOU decide the direction your life will take. YOU have to make things happen, no one will do it for you!

When opportunity knocks, will you answer?

I feel this way too!!!

I have bought so much stuff I haven't even opened up hardly any of the stuff I already have. I've been to 2-3 days that were awesome including Boots on the Ground. I have enough basic info and with the people at the Hot line to help. They are great and help me get through some scary things. I watched a video of one of Dean's students and she said she was scared. That's how I feel, she said she did it anyway. That's what I will be doing. Everything works if you use the tools. I have to make some money to prove to my self that "I can" do it. When I get some deals under my belt and have looked at more of the material I already have. Then I would consider add'l material. I work a full time job, supervising at a large company. We're going though a software conversion at work. I'm in the process of updating rental property in AZ, I live in Ca. It's a 300 mile drive each way. That's a long drive right after work. I have this property listed with a property management company. So, that takes a lot of stress from me. I felt great after the Boots on the ground training. I had called a couple that really wanted to go but just couldn't. I met up with them at McDonald's because they have wifi there and I was able to help teach them what I had learned. They were so grateful and I was happy because, sharing stuff that I had learned meant "hey I really did learn a lot". I hope to meet with them regularly and compare note. They could turn into some good partners.

We all just need to hang in there and do the best we can with what we have to work with. I don't get a lot of support from my husband. But he know RE is something I love and am passionate about. I will succeed.

My answer to the original question is: No, of course not

I've been here on and off for 3 years. Sometimes I: Take time off. Re-think or re-group. Get sucked back into some lame J.O.B. Have no working computer or internet. Peck at random shiny objects. etc. etc.

There's plenty of other RE Sites/Groups out there. You can probably find 10,000 in a second if you try. (There's a really jerk-y app for that, anybody want me to Google it?) Most want a cc# at $97 a month and aren't NEARLY as good as this. GO! TRY!...I did. I'm back, you will be too. If you don't come back? Well then,I hope you died a painless death of natural causes, because the only other option is:

Thank you Karen, for bringing up this touchy-topic. You are really only one of the few that could do it. I been catching hints at this for quite awhile, personally been 3 or 4 layers deep in it myself, and all I can find is that it is a big huge distracting waste of time and energy to question our L.ittle I.talian F.earless E.ndeveror

The Emperors New Clothes? ...they look like fine robes to me.


"The harder you work, the luckier you get." -Gary Player

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