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Susan R. Jordan
North Alabama
About Me: 

I'm a single parent of two, trying to stay afloat in today's world. I've had Dean's books for a while. I've been working on getting my confidence up and some of the HUGE negativity surrounding me. It's getting harder and harder to do my current job and they cut my hours. I'm back to reading Dean's books and working on myself. I want so much to be successful. I have several family members needing my support and here I am barely standing my own ground. I need a miracle!!! Please, Lord, give me the determination, strength, knowledge, and success to help all those who need me, so that I may be able to give them and myself the peace and security of a brighter future.

I keep being drawn back to you, Dean, and your compelling aura Smiling I want to have that smile and sense of self that you seem to radiate. It's truly wonderful to see! You haven't lost me yet. I'm still determined to become one of your successful students and hope to meet you and all the other DG students one day!! Congratulations to all of you and may your life continue to be wonderful and full of success and peace!


Horses, HGTV, helping others when I can, some crafts, and learning about becoming a successful REI.

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Service deli @ Costco
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One