Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #112 - 7 Undeniable Reasons To Register NOW for The "EDGE 2011"

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

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If you attended one of our past EDGE events, use your special invitation code here instead.

Seven Undeniable Reasons To Register NOW for The "EDGE 2011"

1. You'll gain the capabilities you need to succeed in a single weekend.

2. Meet and learn from people who were where you are now!

3. There is no better place to network and expand your opportunities.


5. You get Dean's NEW 6-page blueprint, to profit in 30 days - FREE!

6. You will leave this event with a completely new confidence level, ready to start or do your next deal and earn more than ever!


Click Here To Register NOW!

If you attended one of our past EDGE events, use your special invitation code here instead.


James L. Kendrick's picture

Looks like you will be sold out before you know it.


Indiana-Joe's picture

Thanks for doing another weekly video blog. We can't wait for the Gain the EDGE 2011. We have learned so much at each event and last year we met so many great DG members at the event. It was a pleasure to be speakers last year and to be able to take part in such an inspiring event that changed people lives. I know this year's EDGE event will be better as each year we learn the latest techniques of what is working in today's real estate market. We can't wait for this year's event to absorb, learn and then apply. Like Mickey Mouse would say...."See you real soon!" E-D-G-E! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Chasing The Dream's picture

It's hard to believe that another year has passed and the EDGE 2011 is upon us. I know that when we have left the past two EDGE event's we always left with so much great information. We would then count down for the next one. I can't wait to see what is in store for this event. The energy, the people, and Dean. Hope to see everyone at this year's GAIN the EDGE 2011. This event always exceeds expectations! Carpe Diem :0) Stacey

Wonderful Deal

Captain777's picture

You are offering a wonderful deal. I am hoping I can make it. What a deal!!! I know the Edge event is well worth it and the relationships developed there are priceless. It is hard to believe that a year has already almost gone since Edge 2010. I hope to see everyone there this year.


Wow!!! It's been a year already.....

Carol Stinson's picture

I am with you Stacey. I cannot believe a year has gone by. The 2010 Edge was INCREDIBLE!!! The Energy and education was like nothing I have ever experienced and cannot wait to experience again!

I am sooo looking forward to seeing everyone again.

If you have not experienced last year's Edge you have to get there this year! This event is absolutely life changing!!!!

I cannot wait to meet everyone!!!

See you at the Edge... Smiling

Check out the pictures from last year's Edge Event at


Jan Malek's picture

Jan and Jeremy, or Jan or Jeremy.One way or another THE ODD COUPLE, will be represented. Looking forward to seeing good friends again...Jan

This is

Lane McCaw's picture

Even more motivation to get my first couple deals done and get my butt down there! Thanks Dean!


I am planning on it and thank you in advance for this great offer.
Cathy L


randy428's picture

Can't wait to see everyone again. what a great year since he edge. Thinks for everything Dean.


I've Finally

TheYungGun's picture

Found the one thing I know without a shout of a doubt that will change my life forever and for the best and you haven proven that time and time again Dean. I'm trying my best to get there I promise but if uncle sam says no then well there's always gonna be 2012! Just seeing that clip of last year's edge has got me MORE than anxious to get there! Dean thanks for EVERYTHING you do for all of us! You have changed SOOOO many lives and made soo many dreams come true and the edge is the ultimate bonus to it ALL! I'm trying my hardest! So I hope I get to see you and everyone else there! Thank you for all you have done you will never know what you have truly done for me and the many others that are out there making change to get that better day at a time!


Can't wait ! So excited!

Zion Properties's picture

I was not able to go last year and it felt horrible not to be able to go, but I already got my ticket for this year's event with your SFL system, so there is no backing out! Smiling.

I need to find or partner with other people for childcare though, and I'm hoping there are a group of other people that need childcare so we can get a group rate somewhere, or hire a bunch of babysitter's and have all the kids stay at Dean's house while we all attend the edge .... Laughing out loud Sticking out tongue Jawdropping! K I D D I N G !!!!. (But, I do seriously need to see who else has to bring children so we can get some reduced rates.)

See you all in May!

EDGE Event 2011

Hi! I am definitely excited and how I wish I could be there to meet Dean and everyone else in person at 2011 EDGE event. However I would have to pass this year's event opportunity until I have made my 1st DEALS! I am in the midst to starting up my REI journey while reading Dean's remarkable books (I know it's not going to be easy..but I will just GO FOR IT!)

I wish Dean and everybody else a commendable success for the EDGE event this year and looking forward to have the chance to be there myself in next year event.



SouthsideJohnny's picture

I got up this morning, poured my daily cup of joe and turned on the TV. Guess what happened to be on?...your latest infomercial with PFRERN, TotalView, etc.! I'm taking this as a motivational omen to get my butt in gear and get some deals done SOON so I can see you there!

Thanks for everything.



TrustPoint's picture

nice opportunity. Especially like the additional discount for forum points. You'll be sold out quickly.

Can't wait!!!

Rina's picture

Can't wait to see everyone again and learn even MORE!
DEAN, you've not only made so many of us believe we can do it, You give us everything we need to MAKE IT WORK!! AND WORK IT DOES!! Look how many of us are living proof! Thanks so much, again, and to all the coaches and DG Family that have stuck together and given encouragement when things get scary. Work past the fear and obstacles and there's NOTHING you can't accomplish! And this is still the best time in history to be jumping into REI. So if you're new, get on out here and change your life too! you can do it! Hope to see you at the EDGE, but even if you can't make it, do NOT give up. And if we do see you there, you will find yourself at probably one of the most life-changing events you'll ever attend!

God bless, and Dean, thanks again! Smiling



Angiec's picture

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the great discount! See you in May!

Warm regards,

Thanks Dean..

Tom Davis's picture

I want in, thanks for the continued support and motivation, you guys are awesome!!

Wish I could come this year.

BUTCHK's picture

But a promise ya I will be there next year. I have just started two weeks ago but I am part of your academy. Can't wait to see ya there.Wish I could get your 6 page booklet but maybe next time.

Butch Kiser

Wish I could Come This Yaer

I'm in Success Academy, not yet done any deal. I look forward to next year event.
Thanks for all you do for us. Until next week...

Thats it............

kimanismith's picture

This is amazing,Thats what i needed to get that motivation to get that first deal done to get my butt to the edge. See you then.Love to see and meet for the first time Rena, Matt, yourself, Carol, and the rest of the gang.

Take care and god bless

The excitement is Great!!

I am working with a real estate agent trying to get pass the first deal; the excitement is great I can feel it. If I don't get to the event this year I will next year Cool,thanks Dean for all the motivational help

The Edge

May is the worst possible time for us to try to get away. We have the last two Edge home study programs, but I'm guessing it's not even close to actually being able to make it there. We want to do this so we can finally get out of the cement business once and for all. We've started baby stepping our goals to keep us from becoming discouraged and we're not giving up no matter what. We ARE going to do this!

Everybody have an awesome week! Brad & Myra

I will not stop dreaming and reaching for the EDGE

Kevin A Goldman's picture

Hi Dean and DG Family,

I have been up and down in my efforts, but I have not given up and I make no excuses. Even if I cannot take advantage of the great deal you are offering this week, it is no deterrent; I will see you there at the EDGE; whether it is this year or next or the year after, I will see you at the EDGE. If I can make it happen this year, I will!

Kevin A Goldman

The Edge

Not gonna be able to attend this year but gonna get some deals going this year so maybe I can go next year! Sounds really good! Dean Your The Man!






See you there.

danyatborder's picture

I'm in so just waiting to see everybody again and have some fun. Smiling

See you there guys!

Elena M's picture

This year I'm coming even though two of my daughters are pregnant! lol
I can't wait to be around my dear DG family and spend time together talking, laughing, learning, sharing and absorbing all the positive energy. Thank you Dean and staff for making it all possible!
I know from experience this event will surpass all expectations, just knowing Dean and how dedicated he is to changing lives.
Anyone who is able to attend will not be disappointed!

God bless you all,

edge 2011

I any one going from Riverside Ca?

Wish we could be there, but

midwest_invest's picture

Wish we could be there, but without childcare, it's just not possible. Maybe next year, I'll be able to afford a nanny to come with us Eye-wink But this is an awesome deal and I'm sure it is WELL worth the investment! We love the 2010 EDGE videos and can't wait to get the new ones for 2011!

2001 Gain The Edge

LDCOOK55's picture

I would love to go, but I have NO income at this time. I was off work on FMLA due to a knee injury. I was supposed to go back to work 01/03/11. I was terminated from my employment because I can no longer perform my job duties. I was denied unemployment benefits because I am unable to work for health reasons. My state disability was only good from 9/30/10 to 1/03/11 while I was being treated for my injury. I have been waiting for a letter from my doctor stating whether or not I am considered disabled or have a disability. She knows I have zero income. My last check was 01/03/11. I don't know how I am going to pay for my SET FOR LIFE program let alone all of my other bills. That was why I had to cancel working with "The Tax Club". My finances are in a state of disaster right now. Every day is getting worse. I am still determined to make this work. So I am digging in my heels and pushing forward. I can't let this get in my way.
I will work hard to be able to go next year.

Thank you for listening,
Lisa Cook :....(

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