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Randy Swineford
Cabot, AR
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I have done 3-4 deals with a partner ( made some money at point of sale ) but he wanted to keep them as rentals and just caused me to lose all of the money and the properties by not keeping up with the taxes.We could not charge enough rent to cover taxes and insurance. Dummy me put everything in my name because he had filed bankruptcy. NO partners, NO more rentals!
I am now rethinking all of this after losing everything even my own rental I was living in.I just have to start over with nothing but a garage to live in.
Wish me luck and I hope Dean's new book "Profit from Real Estate Right Now" works!

Real Estate, Internet Marketing for business intrests, and Drag Racing and misic for personal pleasure.

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I have found so many properties in foreclosures and short sales,not only in my town. I found a $18 mil house in another state for less than half of the original price! I need to find some investors! Can anyone please help me?

Randy Swineford