Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #315: Dean’s 30-day challenge for YOU!

Who doesn’t LOVE a good challenge?! Smiling
Watch this week’s Weekly Wisdom and find out what Dean’s personal 30-day challenge to you is!
Let’s see how many people are brave enough to accept it!
Be brave… be courageous… accept the challenge… and don’t look back Smiling

You got it Dean

First I want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great week!
I will be spending the holidays alone as usual - no special plans.
I limit the news already because it is to depressing and that I do not need. So now I will cut it out all together. I already watch the sugar intake because I have been pre-diabetic. Need to find a doctor and go get my numbers checked. No fake sugars for this girl as the brain and body does not really no how to process them and also they cause weight gain.
Judgment - now that is a good one. I don't think I am judgmental but I do love to observe people to see how they are. You can learn a lot by watching people. I make it a point to be accepting of people and tend to think that other people have trouble accepting me.
My plan for the holiday season is to work on building and developing my business. No money to spend and it is depressing to go out amongst the other shoppers. I have come to the conclusion that the only way I can have some support is to build a team and some relationships. That is the area I need help with - team and relationship building.

Happy Thanksgivivg

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Always BOLD. I wiil take your challenge on all three options Dean.
Lets get some

The Challenge

I am opting for Challenge #3. I like you, think(thought)that I do not judge; but I would like to take a close look to reeeeaaaly see what's going on. We are human. We all do. At least by doing this it will tone it down. Good exercise!!!! Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving Dean; and Team:)

i accept....well for the most part

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Haha! When I say for most part, I mean this.
1: news diet- done!(let's face it,after 5 minutes it's rehashed gloom anyway and who needs that?)
2: sugar, after thanksgiving hahaha!
3: judgment, we should all always do this anyway. I know I fall short in this area sometimes, but we should all make a conscious effort not to judge.
keep moving forward, Rob

Challenge Accepted x 3!!!

I will commit to all three challenges.

1. I have cut off the tube over a year ago (15 months), but still find negative news via Facebook. I will bypass such events.

2. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. This shall prove to be the most difficult one out of the three. (Good Bye Venti Caramel Frappuccino, with extra,extra,extra, Caramel drizzle).

3. Pass no judgment to others no matter the situation!! Got It!!

Happy thanksgiving to all the DG Family, be safe and productive!!!

David Espejo

I Accept!


Always great to hear from you! It's funny because all three of these things are hard for me. I'm going to take the no judging for 30 days. I want to look at everyone and in my heart say, "I love you." With the people I meet and teach, that will help me in my relationship building.

Have an incredible Thanksgiving and thanks for all you do!!

I'm in!!!

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I already ignore the news for the reasons everyone has already mentioned.

And I have been working on not judging, some days better than others, but I still do, so I am taking #3, stop judging.

A Wonderful Thanksgiving to all!!! Smiling

That Judgement Thing

I love ways to keep negativity from creeping in to our lives. It only weighs us down; and we need to keep ourselves and others lifted up instead. This example hit me and I had to share it.

As I listened to the 'don't judge' piece, I said I consider myself very non-judgemental already, but how will I realize when I'm judging? And not 5 minutes later I saw it happen. I was noticing folks doing landscape work at the apartment complex where I live. I grumbled to myself, why would they spend money on landscaping in November, when it's going to be cold and snowy, when they should be spending money replacing the old, cold, icy, leaky windows in our units instead?! I felt disgruntled. I didn't like me being grumpy. I tried to change my thinking. And came up with maybe this is just a small piece that they need to get done before the ground freezes, and there's a good reason for this that I'm not even aware of. Maybe they are improving drainage for the snow melt days ahead. So, I told myself let it go! And I did. Man, did I feel lighter, instantly.

This may seem too simple of an example, but it was a very tangible example that helped me see better, and I can now apply it to everything big or small, too.

So I guess in order to know whether I'm judging or not, I need to be very aware of my thoughts and how they affect me (and others) at all times.
-I wasn't planning on doing the challenge, but Dean, you planted the seed, and it's happening anyway. Thanks for that!
-We all have a lot to be Thankful for, this season, and always. Your bits of wisdom are on the list of mine.

I'm in also

I am going with the "no news" first and the "no judgement" second. Sorry Dean but the "no sugar" challenge just isn't going to happen for me; especially over the next thirty days. Another great weekly wisdom. Happy Thanksgiving!

30 day challenge

OK so let's see:
Option 1 - full commitment - i don't watch the news but I do read headlines online so enough of that!
Option 2 - commit to reduce sugar -it really is hidden in everything but I will make a more conscious effort to make better choices. i already use stevia and eat things that are naturally sweetened like fruit but i guess i'll be making more homemade things to have more control
Option 3 - full commitment -this will be hard only in that I have to be more aware of my thoughts about people but I am up for the challene.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

30 Day Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving Dean and thank you for your weekly wisdom. I am going with no news and no judging for 30 days.

Happy Thanksgiving Dean!

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oh wow! tough choices Dean! funny thing, my husband started a no sugar diet a couple of weeks ago, and he's sticking to it! however, for me, that's just too hard! (I love to bake, love sweets, love breads) Just last night, while hubby was having slices of orange for dessert, I was having.... yes, hate to admit... a chocolate!

With that said, I'll take your challenges for both #1 and #3 which I currently sort off do, but not 100%, so I will do them wholeheartedly 100%!

Warm hugs to you and your family for the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving!
Thank you!

Challenge Accepted

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Thank you Dean, and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I'm going to accept your challenge and go with option 3. Wish me luck. Smiling

oh my gosh

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The news thing gone, how about 1/2 sugar and 1/2 judging? I was thinking of cutting down on sugar and no salt because I notice I get puffy. I totally did not thing of the no judge thing. But I do try to keep quiet with out the commenting negative, do not want to be negative. Challeng on. Thanks to Dean for all you did and continue to do.

Sounds good! No Sugar!!

I have been off ALL forms of sugar before and it does make a HUGE difference!! Thanks for giving me this challenge again! I have been telling myself that I need to get off it! Now I will....for the month of December!

Dean.....I hope you are reading this!! I know you are into health.......I noticed from the video today that you have amalgam fillings. Do you know how extrememly toxic these are?? You should research it. With your money, I would get those out immediately!! And go to a green dentist that knows how to handle taking them out without getting more toxins into your system. These fillings even give off extremely toxic vapers. I personally would not even go to a dentist that uses this toxic substance in his office!! Do youself a favor and get them out ASAP!! Take lots of chlorella to help get rid of the toxic metals in your system. This is one of the most important supplements you can take. has a store with very high quality chlorella. Take care and thanks for your weekly wisdom!!

My commenment

No news!!

30 Day Challange

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holidays for you and family. I am going with No. 1. I think The news is a time Killer and you never know what kind of a slant they are giving you.

30 day challenge

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Wow Dean,

You are sure making it tough for a guy! But I know it is for my benefit. Being a total news junkie, I hear what you say it does to me. And I have heard it elsewhere.So my task is to be news free for 30 days! It won't be easy but it'll sure be worth it. Thanks Dean. You are the man!!


#3 for me

I'm choosing Option 3 -- no judging. I already do #1, I don't want to do #2 right now, but would love to tackle #3 and pay attention to how I'm actually responding to people. Thanks for the challenge!

Dean Challenge

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OK Dean, no sugar for 30 days, that means I have to give up my honey that I take with my Persian tea
You have a great Thanksgiving.


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1. If I gave up news I will not sign on to my computer and have 30 days of emails in many accounts to read through. Too much of a job.

2. Sugar ??? I don't crave sugar I just eat it. haha
I give sugar up enough in a month to give up any more sugar.

3. What was 3 again? Judgement. I will give up judgement for 30 days. Smiling Not too hard for me.

Thanks Dean for these challenges.

SUGAR--Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Well one of the hardest would be SUGAR as I love to cook and bake and especially in the holidays so I will have to get creative receipes for Sure! But I know it will be worth it for long term health.

Thanks for the PUSH Dean and all of your Inspiration, Blessings to you and Yours!

30 Day

I choose to cut out judging. I recently began work in this area, but still get the thoughts even if they are not verbalized. It's gonna take some retraining but all for a good cause.

3rd option

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Thanks for all your inspiring wisdoms.
I just got Tony's new book, and look forward to diving in.
"No judging"

30-day challenge

I will take the challenge one at a time #3 No Judging.Thanks Dean and a very Happy and Relaxing Thanksgiving To you and All the DG Family out there ( A little bit of Love goes a long way) my next song writing currently being recorded Thanks Again ..Woodrow

I Accept All 3 Challenges + One more

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Option 1: No News is easy for me because I don't waste one moment of time watching TV. I watch sports, business, self improvement books, cds or dvds. I have 2 new reads. I must read Brendon Burchard's book, "The Motivation Manifesto" and Tony Robbins' new book, "Money Master The Game". OH ya, thanks to you Dean.

Option 2: A little more difficult, but doable. I need to reach my goal of 200 lbs by Dec 31, 2014. This challenge gives me the extra motivation I need.

Option 3: Not Judging people is a great challenge, certainly a worthy task, but I accept that challenge

Option 4: This one is my own. To stay totally & completely focused on my goal until it is obtained. I will not deviate until it is accomplished in 30 days.

Thanks Dean for all you do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving Dean and all DGers!!

Wow! What a challenge! I already do not read a newspaper or watch TV news (most of the time!), but I will stop any and all forms of news.

Now, stopping all sugar will be the hardest for me, I know. But it's the one that I should work on the most, so I will concentrate on this one the most!

I do try not to be judgmental but I know I'm not perfect in this, so I'll try to be more aware of my thinking!

So, I guess I'm going to take on all three! Whew!

Thanks Dean, have a blessed day.

Artificial Sweetners are killers

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All of you that take the sugar challenge remember not to replace with artificial sweetners. If you have to sweeten use honey.
I will be trying to do all three challenges. Gonna be a tough month but so worth it. I'm choosing the whole month of December.
Thank you so much for your insightful advise and challenges that are meant to make us better people. You are a real Gem and I'm privileged to know you. I feel like I know you because of the weekly blog. You speak to us person to person and I feel blessed to have your Weekly Wisdom to keep me in check.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

I love the challenge. I will do no news and no judgement for 30 days and then no sugar for 30 days. I don't think I can hold off sugar in the month of December

Dean’s 30-day challenge for YOU!

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Hi Dean,

I would like to wish you & your family, your staff, and the DG family a very Happy Thanksgiving......Smiling

Now about picking one of the three challenges...hmmm

1- I can't give up my news programs, world news, or business news (this is what I do, can't do without it)

2- I don't use sugar anyway ( I drink Green Tea )

3- Not judging anyone or anything......This is the one I choose to do for the next 30 days....Smiling

Thank You For All You Do....XO


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