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I'm having a real hard time building my buyers list. I created my toll free number and i've adverstised pretty much every where you can think of on the internet, i've passed out flyers but no phones calls yet and it's been about a month. I don't want to put any offers without having list of buyers first, especially since i'm planning on locking homes under contract first in order to make some cash for future down payments on rentals.
I'm getting ready to register my business name so I can create a bank account as well as business cards and more flyers w/a business name. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

South Florida

Hi Kristy, Finally someone

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Hi Kristy,

Finally someone in the miami area LOL... how's it going for you in the miami market?

Kristy this is a hold and

Kristy this is a hold and rental market in our area. I am in the fort lauderdale area and I provide loans and I have done what you are talking about. You may want to consider acquiring and renting to the colleges and/ or section 8 or something similar. It's tough selling to the sheep in the south unless they have a really strong reason for buying. I've structured deals for them to have all closing costs paid and even with a few thousands to be given back and the people still do not want to go to closings.


Hi, Well I just started


Well I just started getting my feet wet in the market, there's a lot of homes here at really great prices, hopefully i'll be working on my first deal soon.

How's it going for you?

Hi Aj, I wish I had to

Hi Aj,

I wish I had to option to hold and rent but unfortunately I can't right now, that's why i'm hoping to do a bit of wholesaling first and then move on to holding and renting.

Thanks for the input tho.


Newbie REI in West Palm Bch

Just joined your group and Thanks for having me. Ive got as far as geting a realtor that Ive know since I was a teenager and she still does real estate in this area up to Jupiter. She is a very experienced realtor and broker that I trust and deels mainly with Multi million $$ homes and Oceanfront and Equstrian Etstaes. I didnt think she would have time for my measly butt so I thought she would know someone else that could help me find less expensive forclosers and stuff more up my ally. She emailed me back and told me to let her know what I was looking for and SHE would start looking. My face lit up knowing that she would bring over 25yrs exp to the table for me I realize she might be able to also help me build the rest of miy team starting with attourneys and other investors and appraisers andsuch. So now I need the all powerful Buyers List. I emailed a few "We Buy Hoses" websites in SFlorida yesterday and was wondering how to write a craigslist post? I was thinking along the lines of.... "Looking For Cash Investors"
Email or call me at Blah blah blah to let me know your Specific Criteria and how long you can close.............
Any other ideas that might sound right
Thanks, Jeff Queen

I'm in SW Florida working in

I'm in SW Florida working in Charlotte, Sarasota & Lee counties. I haven't had any luck in building a buyers list Guess I'm out of your area but any help will be appreciated.


New investor in WPB looking to get my feet wet. Any investment clubs in the area?

Wholesaler/Investor in South Florida

Hi my name is Greg Sands, I live in South Florida and I realtor for a wholesale real estate investment firm where we get at least 20-25 new wholesale properties every month. I thought that it might be a good idea to let some of the other users know about it since most people have a hard time finding the deals. I also would like to network with other wholesalers or people down here in my area. PM me and let me know what you are trying to do and maybe we can work together on some deals.


Welcome Gifts!

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Welcome Gifts!


Click on the Links in my Profile and download the attachment files within the posts.

There are some great downloadable resources here for you to use.

Don't forget to finish your profile, upload a picture, tell us some great stuff about yourself, add your location because you never know when someone may want to partner with you!
MOST OF ALL......Have Fun!

May You have Great Success on your Journey!



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Hi Kristy,
We have a small investor group as well but we are in Palm Beach County. I would love to maybe get together and run some ideas by each other. We are meeting next Saturday in Lake Worth or the next one will be in Delray at my house. I'm going to try and blog on my group page after about some of the content of our meeting. All the best and God Bless.