Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #43 - Click and Pick to Help Dean Create "Our" Next Book

In this week’s blog Dean asks for your help in choosing a cover for our next book.

His brilliant design team put together six different covers and Dean liked them all so much, that he couldn't decide on the best one.

So, who better to help decide on a cover for our new book than you?!

So, please take a look and click and pick your favorite.

(Did you notice that it's being referred to as "our" next book and not "Dean's" next book?).

Well that is not a mistake...see if you can figure out why when you watch this week’s video.

Take a look at the covers below and vote fopr your favorite!

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Cover 4

Cover 5

Cover 6

cover 6 looks great~

cover #6, clearly getting an attention to me,as a real estate information book~
Good luck guys!
Moon from NY.

Blue is all about family

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Dear Dean

I like the blue because blue is a color that makes you fell more in tough with your family and that's what I believe you are trying to do with your talent!

I voted for number 4

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I voted for the 4th one due to the fact that it looks more professional on my part plus it had the orange and yellow and it hit me that Dean is from AZ and it is hot down there and Dean is on fire coming out with this new book and the way he helps us in motivating and inspiring us to become what we've all been dreaming! Thanks Dean


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Thank you for taking the time to share another weekly video blog with us. It is so cool how you are asking the DG Members to vote on the cover of the book! Thanks for involving us with this. First and foremost, congratulations on writing another book. It takes a lot of time and effort to write a book. I know the DG students really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge, insight and wisdom with all of us! I can't wait to read it! The cover choices for your book look great and it is almost like going into an ice cream parlor and trying to decide between so many great options! We want to wish you continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." ~ Henry Brooks Adams

"A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils." ~ Ever Garrison

I love COVER # 3.

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I think Cover # 3 has MONEY ALL OVER IT.

I grabs the eye and it brings the people to get involved.

I hope I can get a free one.
Thanks Dean

Mr. Ian Godfrey
Spanaway WA

# 1

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Because its vibrant, relative and just looking at it, makes you feel the excitement.

Wonderful artwork as well.

cover vote

hi all, my vote is for cover #6
i think this one stands out the best.

Cover #6 - To the Point

Thanks Dean,

It is an honor to be included in your new book, Your Town Your Real Estate Profits, What My Students Taught Me. I appreciate the time you are taking out to interview your students to see what works best for them. It will continue to help new members such as myself to keep motivated and grow with knowledge.

I chose No 6 because it is soft to the eye, not to bold, and it tells the reader what the book is about. I appreciate that you are also asking your students to vote for the cover of the new book.

Congrats, on writing another marvelous book, even though we haven't read it yet, we all know that it is another best seller.

I can't wait to add book No 4 to my DG Library.

May God continue to Bless your success.
- Francesanne

*The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read.
 - Abraham Lincoln

Cover #1

I like cover #1 best; however, i know you did not ask for this but just in case it's an oversight on your part, your left eye is in the dark and looks red unless it's my computer. That picture will be around for the rest of your life but if you like it, I love it. peace out.

Just to let you know you

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Just to let you know you said Take a look at the covers below and vote fopr your favorite! and you uhhh messed up a bit its for not fopr. sorry just wanted to tell you


I love #3, that green color really makes the cover stand out! The words really pop also. Dean also looks great on that background. Go for it!

I vote...

Dawn_Dean's picture

For #1...It just kinda grabs you!! Looks great, nice picture Dean, you're all nice & Tan! LOL!

It really doesn't matter what's on the OUTSIDE though, the wealth of information on the INSIDE is what I can't wait to see! Eye-wink



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I like #4. The yellow is good.

Your new book cover.

#3 and #5 are the best.
My process of elimination includes:
#1 the title color is not complementary with the rest of the cover
#2 the green is too dark.
#3 is quite appealing but the green surrounding your hair is a little too dark. Could be the biggest seller for you.
#4 beautiful coloration, warm, and inviting but the word profits...should not be in RED
#5 is classic, clean, crisp and inviting
#6 I love the blue and yellow (like the swedish flag),but it is a colder color and may be a little psychologically intimidating.

I picked #3

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However, I like the darker color of green in #2. The green looks classy and it contrasts nicely with the dark jacket and white shirt. ( I like the loosened tie look too) It looks comfortable yet classy!

You're sure to have another best seller, Dean!


Hi Dean,

It's me Tajuana aka teescott from NYC I just sent and email to on your Blog from last week.....

I like Cover 6 because it looks inviting....
I would walk in a book store and pick that one up. Why you ask? Because you look relaxed and




Book cover

I liked the last one. The blue cover wasn't as flashy as the other ones, but seemed more honest and appealing to me.

The only REAL choice is ...

Absotively, posilutely and most defuntly #5 ... the text colors AND your photo REALLY POP on white, and contrary to popular belief, white is NOT boring. It spells pure, clean, forthright business without evoking some color-induced mood, which inevitably varies from person to person. Frankly, the colors in 1-4 all slap me with an "Infomercial Hype" sort of feeling, just MHO.

Cover #6 would be a distant 2nd place contender. Also, the "YOUR TOWN" font on both 5 & 6 are the only one worth considering.

And, by the way, the book idea is awesome! I'll be interested to see how it turns out.


Book Cover

Hi Dean,

I really like cover #1, I think the colors
really grab your eye if you were looking through a bunch of books on a shelf. Thanks again for the blog and all the great info you offer your students! Cindy, Anderson SC

#1 all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like the way you have your tie undone a little. like you have been working hard, which you have. lol # 1 is a winner to me!

Book Cover

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I too like #3 and #5. Willmac/s explanation above makes alot of sense. My fav of the two is #5. I like the crisp and clean look, however, I you already have a book with a white cover. So maybe you'd like to try #3, the green look (for money!). Just a thought. It's all good!

Book Cover #3

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I like cover 3. I think the green on this cover really stands out. You should, if possible add the home background image to it also. Second choice would be the blue one.

Green/Yellow & Black

Yolie has it right, Green for money. #3 Gets attention without being overbearing and the green & black means wealth and the power to do, like the American dollar's color. Those others are either too calm & quiet, or the yellow and red combinations look like he has hell and brimstone in the background, which would be great if Dean had horns with a three prong fork in his hand. Perfect timing for Halloween. Ha ha!

Thanks Dean for letting us give our input.

Mike #s

Cover #4 has the proven colors

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I believe Cover #4 will out sell the others!
Black Headline or Title provide nice contrast, Red Sub Headline on the Yellow Background fading into orange is just hot.

The yellow fading to orange is like fire! It's a nice effect.

Let's not recreate the wheel here. Enough market research has been done to indicate that Red & Yellow are very hot and appealing colors. Some of the top corporations use these colors for their corporate branding because it tested so well in market analysis time after time. Perhaps my best reason is it just looks so much better to my eye!

Best of luck which ever you decide!

Stay Creative,

Scott Taylor

Color of Dean's new book

I'm feeling the number 2 cover, it has the color of money all over it. The color inspires me when I look at it to make money!!!!!! Thanks Dean your alright!

Cover 6

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I love cover 6 Dean...

I can't wait to get this book because i am still learning about real estate in NY state...

I am praying that you make on chapter or Book for NEW York State and Towns...

I have to say Book Cover # 6

Blue is my favoriate color, and that's why i chose # 6. If i have a second choice i would have to say # 1 or # 4. The yellow color is bright color and stands out which draw the attention. Looking forward of getting your new book.


choose a cover?

I dont like none of them. they all look fake and the typing on the cover look like all the other typing for all the other infomercial products that are being sold on t.v. these days. try something neww and different if you want be just that.but what really matters is the content! you could have the best cover in the world but it is nothing without if you dont get anything out of just keep it real and keep giving great info and you will always find a reader right here. if i had to choose one,#5 grabs my eye.

Book Vote...

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So I can see your dilemma. I am having a hard time choosing as well.

#'s 1 & 4 make me think ketchup. . . I see a lot of people voted for those though so maybe its just me...

I do like 6 but I think that 5 would be best if you had the watermark of a house in the background on it.

Then theres # 2. ... no one has voted 2 so far but that was the first one I was going to vote for. I liked the road look on "your town" its made me think "road to real estate success"

So im stuck now... 2 or 5 or 6.... ummmmm okay... I like 6 but I still like the road thing on 2... now im wanting to see the house watermark on 2 as well...

Overall im going with 6. it has an even flow of color and is very easy on the eyes.

Which ever you choose, congratulations on finishing up your new book! I cant wait to read it and hopefully by then, I can show everyone here that REI is going to be a success for me here in El Paso, Texas.

Hope you have a better monday today Smiling

Until next time, take care and God bless,

Tracy Lynn.

#4 It just popped!

Hey Dean,

For us #4 did it. It just seemed to jump off the page (and maybe the shelves}. Hope to get a copy real soon.

Alice n John

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