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Los Angeles County- California
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I truly believe we are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

All sports, baseball coaching my 7yr old, playing the piano, some gym time, fishing, frisbie golf, camping, snowboarding, road trips, hittn the beach, and looking for houses!!!

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Foothill Gym - Soon to be REI!
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One



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Follow the link provided below, download files, leave comments and Enjoy

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Southern Cali...

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I live in southern cali right next to Pasadena. My questions are... I'm new to the whole Real Estate thing but I'm anxious to get started. I ordered the books recently and just barely on chapter 6 "getting started investing in real estate." First things first I'm only working a few days out of the week looking for a full time job. I really dont have an income thats livable right now and with not so good credit. Is there a way I can still get started with this or am I pretty much at a dead end??? Please give me some insight...thank you!

You Can "wholesale" do

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You Can "wholesale" do assignments, birddog for other investors. Persist, persist, persist.

If you come across an incredible deal to pass to another investor with upfront cash or collateral, you can assign, get paid finders fee in the area of $500-$15,000 depending how great a deal and how willing an investor. Stranger and far greater things have been known and heard of to happen.

Great SUCCESS and keep plowing forward.


Incredible deal...

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Sorry for taking a while, I didn't know you had wrote back... What do you mean "with upfront cash or collateral?"

So I would first have to find the deal, LOCK IT UP, and then assign it to another investor, correct? I couldn't just find the deal and send it over and ask for a finders fee without locking it up first right or can I? I know it's a dumb question but I get a little confused when I hear about finders fees/assignments/ and birddog.

I appreciate the feedback and thanks a lot!