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antonia saucedo
Dallas, Texas
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Hi Im 24yrs old, im a mother of three.I dont know much about real estate, but i do know more than most of the people in my family thanks to Dean. I am completly tired from living paycheck to paycheck. I am ready to get out of the rat race and jump into financial freedom!

i love to draw, politics, and good arguements, lol

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home maker
Have Child(ren)
Some High School

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Hi, im pretty sure everybody has heard this question before...."HOW DO GET STARTED?"......... im ready ... i read the book, drove around on weekends and found plenty of fsbo's. i also got a few" WE BUY HOUSES" numbers, but is that the right way to go? do ineed a real estate investor for all of this? sombody help!!!!!!! lol


I am a newbie too! But this seems like a great time to start! Now place to go but up for me! I am convinced that this is the answer.

I'm New and Excited!!!

Hello everyone how are we doing today. I'm really excited about getting started. I've drove past many different houses/forclosures, reo's and fsbo's. I'm putting my first contract on a house tomorrow. Any pointers on what I need to look ou for? If everybody helps everybody in this group we will be meeting very often in the near future. Let's take plenty of actions and get this done.


I would just like to wish everyone the best of luck with their goals. It is difficult to find the time and energy to keep the fire of ambition burning in your mind, heart, and gut with all of todays life obstacles and challenges. We need to keep heading forward and not let anything or anyone hold us back. God bless you all and thank you Dean for all your information, wisdom, and encouragement.

I am new to REI

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I had signed up back in 1995 of Carlton Sheets and I found it very difficult and I was lost completely. Everything was money money with that program. I just to the material and learned the best I could. I also read Rich Dad poor Dad and I was hooked that you can really make money in Real Estate. Dean's book excited me. I am fired up. There are 2 ways I want to do this business. First I want to be a wholesaler or Assignee where I have investors or buyers by my contract w/o my money being used since I don't have any. Second selling homes within 7 days as a market consultant (not sure if I need to be licenced or not). I don't know what title I should use on business cards. Wholesaler or House Hunter. It sounds better than Bird Dog.

How I am getting Started

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First I did set up my Tele Center and used the scripted for buyers and investors. I made business cards and I let people at church I have started being a REI and if they would refer me to sellers and I am in the church directory. I have been driving around too and getting numbers from sellers. I would also go to your local television website and signed up on their free classified ads as Real Estate Investor looking for buyers and investors for properties 40% less than FMV. or whatever you are focusing on prospects. I am not sure I am doing it right. There is trial and error. The key is DO SOMETHING. Most of all have fun there is no money out of pocket expenses except for business cards you get at Staples, Office Max, Wal-Mart, ect. Also Tele Center it costs approx 44.95 firt time and 29.95 a month afterwards. located at www.netsecuretransaction.com. I hope this may help and God Bless all of you. We all can do this. Have Faith and believe. Tom Hayward

hello my friends

hello fellow REI!it is going to be a pleasure getting to know and learn with all of you.we are so fortuate to have the greatest real estate minds as our mentors.use all the tools dean offers and be sucessful.happy house hunting!!! goodbye from upstate in new york.tim

Newbie taking Action

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I was not exactly sure how to start off, but I figured I would get my tools together first. Such as my business cards , flyers, real estate agent, free website, etc. From listening to Deans conference call I realized I had to focus on my buyers list first, because its like shopping with money tain your pocket. I had a interview with a RE agent Sunday, but she really does not have the knowledge and experience I need from an agent. I have my recorded message set up for buyers so now its time to market that message. I have obstacles in my way like a job I work 12 hrs. a day. But as they say Action Action Action

Getting Started

I am making my business cards, and
making flyers and posting ads right
now. I am getting everything set up
I have not set up my voice
messaging system, should I make up a few business cards with just my
website on there. Later I will add
my messaging number. What do you think?

Need Help Now !!

Hello to all concerned I'm a SINGLE Dad

of two beutifull girls, lost J.O.B in this economy. saw DG's program baught the book,I'm a Hands on person would trully like some one to walk me through
my fisrt deals.being a single Parent is a unique and challenging experience.

I would be willing to work out something after we make profit from my first deal.

Please contact me Someone.

Thanks, Thomas

for newbie taking action !!!

Hello please give me a call or email I am new as well,and a Single Dad of two kids,need help to get started please call or email.


New to group

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Been trying to get some help from this DG site for weeks.Thought I`d give joining a group a try.
First off........am I posting now or is there an easier way?
Would like to have some input and bounce ideas around a bit.

Anyone out there?

hi my name is fernando

hi my name is fernando alvarez in fort worth would like to share info with you and your husband about starting out


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I have 30 years expierence inconstruction and renovations,for the last few years i have been finding deals at bank foreclosures for other people. I need to do it for myself now.My sons and I can rehab a house in two or three weeks. So if any body is interested in partening up in the Rochester,N.Y. area send me an email.
Thanks Jim

I am stuck in nuetral

I am studying the workbooks,riding around looking for properties but getting no wherer. Bills are past due and need to make a deal but i am just stuck.

Needs some help

Hi I join the Real Estate success Academy July 2008. I need to make some action. I spend to much money. The big mistake is I got the Tax Club before, without purchasing property. I'm not a quiter I have to be on the ground and do it, Is someone can help me Dean. I am completely tired of 2 jobs and still paying my mortgage.After all of my investment to my education,owning money from my credit card I need to be debt free. i'm exited to my year 2011

Hopeful Real Estate Investor

Hello, I really want to move forward and
get serious about real estate investing.
If anyone wants to connect daily by phone or email so that we can propel each other forward to success, please contact me. Angela