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Hi Jim

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I wanted to say hi. I am originally from Rochester, NY. Our family moved to Hendersonville, TN. when I was younger.

I love your idea with the bumper stickers, I know several teens and young adults that would do that for me. I raised my four nephews and I am aunt Dawn to all of their friends.

Best Wishes,
Dawn Hysner

Hello Jim,

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I've seen your comments in many posts and like your style. If you ever venture into Lancaster County PA to start investing, look me up. It'd be great to work together with another of Dean's students.

Take care!

Hi DawnSorry I didn't

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Hi Dawn

Hi Jim, Thank_you for your

Hi Jim, Thank_you for your invite and knowledge, I'm sure i'll get a better understanding Re: Buying and Terminology, (shortsales,etc.)Happy New Year to you and yours!

H Jim- Thank You for your in put

Hi Jim
Thank you for your in put on the magnetic signs. Sounds like a good thing and I will try it as well, I am in Tucson, AZ. I am also interested in working with any DG members that live in Tucson or close by. I am just getting started - read all of is books and NOW is the time to start. I am in the same place as I was 2 years ago so Now is the time.

Working with buyers vs investors

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Do buyers have to get approved on how much house they can buy first.


hey kevin my name is pierre and i just started. i would like to know if you had any success yet?

talked to you today

Just a note to say Hi and thanks for chat talk to you soon

Edge2011 essay

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Hi Jim,

I sent you a PM....did you get it?


would you be willing to network with someone in Hernando co. Florida.


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Are there any groups, clubs or networking opportunities in the Rochester Area??? Would love to hobnob with like minded people...

Miss Tish


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I am just now reading your shout out to Rochesterians...sorry...missed it as I wasn't doing what I should have been doing and checking this website regularly! oops

Miss Tish


Hi I'm Candace Just stopping by to say Hello ! , I'm looking for Cash Buyers I have Properties but No Buyers .

Heres my Website : http://regeek.moonfruit.com

Hi Jim

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I just noticed that I had not signed in your guestbook!
It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and being your friend.
Stay cool!


Hey Jim

Thanks for the referral, I am going to take a look around
the 5th street.

Hi Jim

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Hi Jim,
This is Pamela (Joe LaBarbera's girlfriend) Just wanted to connect with you on here.

Are you looking for anything specific for yourself? Got a place on Brett Str. that needs about $15k in rehab (a hoarder lived there)and is assessed for $95k. Ugliest house on a nice block. We're asking $43k.

Drop me a line or call the number and leave a message if you have any interest.

Look forward to meeting you soon!
Pam (& Joe)

Hi James

What areas do you do deals in???

Donald Myers
Myers Real Estate Solutions


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just wanted to say hey and very interested in some things you've posted on your other sites. I hope you follow up soon.

Hello stranger

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Good to see you drop in on us old DG'ers!