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Hi everyone, My name is Tom, I'm living in Westminster Ca for a while, Real Estate was captivating my attention for many years, unfortunately it was always something in a way in doing that, I did purchase my first condo back in the day and i did that without any of my money i used a credit and ask a friend to lend me a money for down payment. i close the deal in 1999 and sold tree years later with a net profit 60K. than i was stuck in the "job" don't get me wrong i love it . I was building a fishing Vassal in Long beach ( I was leading man by the end of the job )but that came to the end . I'm in the point in my live the i decided to take my future in my own hands and change it for better and Dean was that man who show me that it could be done. So here I'm reading his books ,watching the Edge trying to be next success story lol.

running , swimming , yoga,

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