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Michelle Casey
Wichita, KS
About Me: 

My husband and I have been interested in real estate investing since 2008; we were renters at the time and discovered how owning rental properties would be a wonderful way to build a steady stream of passive income. Our first investment property is our duplex; we live in one side and plan on renting out the otherside once I'm able to close the daycare (running the daycare out of the otherside right now).

Besides our duplex, I'm focusing on wholesaling and will do that until all of our debts are paid off (including the mortgage). Then we will start acquiring props of our own to rent out!

Fitness, Nutrition, Real Estate (obviously), Motivating Others to Live Better Lives, and Traveling!

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Daycare Provider/Fitness Instructor/RE Investor
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Some College

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You are the bomb!

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You rock! Thanks for starting such a great post and thread for everybody to use. I just watched replay of the live webcast and I think Dean gave a shout out to your string! It's been a TON of FUN bouncing ideas off you. Plus I have noticed you develop a lot of swagger and confidence in answering and asking questions. Its truly awesome! Keep up the incredible work. I can tell you want this so bad! Smiling

Your Pal,

Thanks tons.

Thanks again for your contributions here. You and awaterloo really got me moving.

I have used Facebook groups on other ventures and found it to be a great way to share relevant information within a private group. Clearly I am a newbie here, but I am thinking about creating a FB group where some of us RBBP'ers can accelerate our exchanges. I will contact Dean, the mentors, and a few others to see if they think it's a good idea.

Let me know if you would be interested and I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

Welcome Michelle

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Just signing in your guestbook to welcome you to this site. I am impressed by how much action you are taking from day 1!
You've created a great thread that is just raving with excitement!

Wishing you great success,


Bet we see YOU at the top on DG-TV !!!

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Great job.
In sales we say..." new blood drives the train." Love the excitement.



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You are genius!! You are going to burn this thing up FAST...no doubt. Everyone here wants to see you succeed Michelle.. how great is that!!! Very best wishes and blessings overflowing to you and yours!!



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You're awesome alex! Great job on the Youtube vids (it's sooo much easier to watch a vid than read a HUGE long post)--thanks for that contribution!

Plz PM me when you make your first deal so I can make a GIGANTIC deal about it Eye-wink

Jamie-FB page

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I'm all for a FB page that brings all DG'ers together Smiling Let me know when you get it going and I'll give you my FB page link--actually, I'll just PM it to you in a few...

Valerie-Thank You :)

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Thank you so much for your support! The DG family is just so amazingly open and sharing w/information others would charge $$ to know! I love it here! Pray your ventures are going good as well...

David-That'd be SO COOL!

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Me on DG-TV?!? I should add that to my goals list Eye-wink No really...lol

Thank you for your support, it's amazing how much like family everyone is here Smiling


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Hey! Thx for signing my guest book! It warms me to think that so many ppl are so supportive of one-another! It's contagious, cuz the more ppl give to me, the more I want to give back!

How is your venture going?

RE Post#1032!

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...and your references to giving back; I started some notes on that as part of my WHYs awhile back: http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/everything-else/88566/giv...
I have only been able to buy a couple of books so far, and my head is swimming trying to fit those in on top of college, jobs, eldercare, commute, etc., but I did bookmark your 30 Days QCF thread right away, and I catch up with it every night. I think all the sharing you started here has become almost another book in itself. Thanks!
Jennifer E.

A Great Help!

Greetings Michelle;

I just had to check-in and grab some of your energy!

Your Thread(30 day Quick Cash Formula)was one of the very first items, I saw as I started my adventure in REI. And your material is and will be a great deal of help to me and so many other newcomers a like when they enter into this field. Thank you for your contribution!

I'm so thankful that YOU ARE NOT SELFISH! Akil

Thank you so much for........

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for making it plain and puttin it on paper(the computer) for all of us that have so much information BUT don't know when, where, how to start. I truly appreciate YOU and AWATERLOO.

I'm feeling to CHARGED right now....

I wish I'd purchased the Rock Bottom Blue Print but I didn't have the funds then to do HOWEVER I am pleased to announce I am a New Success Academy Student as of 9/20/11

"For nothing will be impossible with GOD." Like 1:37

Just read Michelles 30d qcf

Michelle, Hi, Thank you so much for giving God the Glory! It's because of HIS Goodnessand his Love for us that any of us are able to do anything. He has to be the foundation for our success. Your acknowledging Him in your post reall encourages me. Thanks Kerry


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michelle! michelle! You did a great job God bless you,thanks so much you and Awaterloo just make me going I was reading on what you both were talking about finding an agent. I follow ever step Awaterloo said and I have 3 agent willing to work with me and sending me deals and appreciate me contacting them to work with me isn't that a blessing from God,I will pray for all of us who is following this blueprint, I am glad we are newbies we will learn together and celebrate together to end.
PS. Fear thou not for I am with thee be not dismayed for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee, and uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness "Isaiah 41-10
Can we be Pals


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Awaterloo! I just want to say the encouraging words and great ideas from you and michelle is awesome, I following what you said about finding an agent and what to say to them and it work, I have 3 agents call me back and say they are willing to work with me and find deals for me and the attorney and mortgage broker. I am trying to choose one, I don't know which one yet, I am asking if I can stay contact with you, we all can learn from one another
God Bless You
and thank you again,