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Todd VanBuskirk
Naples, Fl
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I was born in Syracuse NY. Moved to Naples, Florida when I was 5 years old. My parents bought a business and did well for themselves. The business that I took over is slowly dieing. I find myself putting in a lot of extra work and trying to cut expenses.
I bought a duplex when I got out of college in 1991. It was the best investment I ever had. I sold it to fund my wife's business. That did not go so well.
Anyway I have always wanted to do more real estate investing. I am straped for cash these days. So whoelsaleing seems the purfect opportunity to make some quick cash. Then I want to retire my business when I make enough in real estate. That is my goal!!!

I like to be active like Matial Arts, I like playing minecraft with my some on the computer

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Can some one anser this question please. I finally got a realtor to tell me she could run a cash sales list for me. She wants to be componsated for this. How do I handle this?

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I have put out 20 Bandit signs and have gotten a few leads on homes for sale. They have been out about a week and a half. Code enforcement just called me to take them down. The next time he finds one it will be a $100 fine.