Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #192 - Worst Case Scenarios

This week Dean reveals how he fell into old habits and let negative thoughts take control of him for three long days. Then he remembered a techniques he used to use that always resolved the problem. This is so simple you won't believe it, but if peace of mind and solving problems is important to won't want to miss this. The technique he shares will shut destructive thoughts down in a snap...Enjoy!

Been there, but

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didn't ever think of doing what you just said. I'll be trying it soon. thanks Dean. And how cool, catching the weekly wisdom just as it is posted.

Great suggestion!

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I think we all worry a little too much. Good suggestion on how to get a handle on our thought processes. Thanks Dean!

I did the same thing

After I got your program I couldn't sleep at all the first night. I really couldn't sleep normally
for about a week. I was that excited. I have been learning all I can. And of course I will post when I do my first deal!!
I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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Wow,never thought about doing that worst/best case scenario.I will be trying that.Definitely know about that lack of sleep thing though for both good/exciting and fear things as well.Thanks for the WEEKLY WISDOM.As always thank you Dean for all you do for all of us.GOD Bless you and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

P.S.--Get some adequate sleep.The body & mind needs it.

No Sleep

After I got your program I couldn't sleep at all the first night. I really couldn't sleep normally
for about a week. I was that excited. I have been learning all I can. And of course I will post when I do my first deal!!
I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks Dean

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for more of that great weekly wisdom. Hey I can relate to what you are saying Dean. When I have a house under going rehab or just events of the day going through my head I can not sleep also. I will have to do what you said and start writing the stuff down.

Dean I hope things get worked out for you I know you want to do so much for us the DG family and your personal family. I for one think you do a great job so do not be so hard on yourself. We all know every project we work on will not turn out the way we want them to but you Dean have hit some out of the park.

Thanks for all that you do.

Steve and Veronica

Worst Case Scenarios

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Hi Dean

Another great weekly Video....And another great exercise for us to do. This one will be interesting.......I believe there are times in all our lives we wind up doing this. From changing jobs, to where we decide to live,and even in our relationships........We can only hope for a positive outcome.....and if not.....then there always will be a lesson to be learned from our decisions......

Thank You Dean for all you do....

Kindest Regards,

Sometimes it's funny....

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Sometimes it's funny how simplicity can conquer complexity. How such a complex matter, that keeps you awake at night, can be solved by asking the simple question "What's the worst that can happen?" Then, asking the other simple question "What's the best that can happen?"

Another great piece of wisdom, Dean.

Till next week....

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, stronger!

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I hear Kelly Clarkson singing it now! So true (btw took my daughter to a Kelly Clarkson concert recently - it was great). Now onto the subject at hand - I think sometimes when we can't sleep because the enemy is preying upon our fears, the Lord is also there waking us up and saying "give it to me". So maybe when you write it down, you are giving it to God to carry Smiling
I got up at 3:45 a.m. Central Time (which is 1:45 a.m. here at home)to head home from the most phenomenal Boots class yet in Winnipeg. When you have a 50-something man in tears at the end of class expressing his gratitude, you know you have been blessed in the giving back. This is the most gratifying experience and again - I thank you.
Hey, remember I want to help you throw a big party here in Seattle Eye-wink Keep it in mind; I have ideas!

Funny, I have an online

Funny, I have an online journal where I will do much the same thing, especially when I have thoughts that go round and round and seem to be beating themselves to death, like a wild bird in a too-small cage. (Believe me, it's much more chaotic and frustrating than your average "Hamster on a wheel" type thoughts...) I have to write them down and get them OUT of my head before I can get to sleep, and it *IS* very effective.

For me? The worst case scenario has happened. I will likely be moving (At 40!!!?) BACK in with my parents on the ranch, where my life will consist of scooping alpaca poop, avoiding the blistering AZ heat, and helping out there. I will be 100 miles from anything even remotely resembling civilization, I don't know when I will be able to get back online, or what I can possibly do to get this going when I won't be able to get out and look at houses, or meet with people, or find deals, or put out bandits signs.. well- I could probably do that, but I seriously doubt the cows, alpaca, or dust devils will really give a fig about how to avoid foreclosure.

HOW are people doing this online, without ever seeing the properties they are buying and selling? How are they doing it without going to the title company for Closing? I NEED to know!

Please, I WANT to keep moving forward, I just don't see "something" here, and I need someone to help me open my eyes.

Great advice!

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Thanks again Dean for putting life into perspective.

Sounds like a message I need to hear, especially now

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With a naysayer and one other person bringing on the negative right now, MY own mind wanders to the negative way too often. My sound mustn't be working though because I have the blog blasted and my computer and I have to put my ear to the computer to hear even the littlest bit. I'm going to wait to finish this one until I go on the MAC where hopefully I'll be able to hear it. Darn laptop acting up! Sticking out tongue

EVEN YOU go through negative thoughts; that is so humbling and refreshing to hear, because I STRUGGLE with this more than I like. I'm able to overcome it pretty quickly (I have to to survive Smiling ) but can't wait to 'hear' your message better. I'll do anything to take away the negative doubts that complicate my mind. (wasn't that a song?) Will respond later. THANK you for always keeping it REAL and down to earth!

Dean-this message hits home... big time!!!

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it's 11:00pm Sunday night, and as I'm getting things ready for the week, I had to stop for a moment so that I could listen to your Weekly Wisdom, because it always helps me get some direction for the week to come. I was really surprised when I heard you say that you wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts in your mind that keep going in circles and won't let you go back to sleep... well, you are not alone on this one! That same thing has been happening to me for the last few weeks, and it's wearing me out! especially because by the time I fall asleep, it's almost time to get up and go to work!
I can't believe you would be the one giving me the solution to this big problem!
I will put a notepad (and pen) on my night table, instead of the glass of warm milk Eye-wink and you can be certain that I will follow your advice and write those thoughts down, with outcomes and all!

Looking forward to getting rid of all destructive thoughts!

Thank you Dean!

I am so glad to know it

I am so glad to know it WASN'T just my hearing being goofy! The video WAS hard to hear, and I had to stop it several times when the A/C kicked in, and I couldn't hear it at all! Sticking out tongue
It's a good message though, and well worth listening to several times to make sure we catch it all! Laughing out loud

Hmm, It's Going On Now

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As Always Dean your messages hit home. Going thru the same thing here in Upstate NY. We have a closing from hell that we just can't seem to get to the table along with 2 deals on the front burner that are screaming to get done. Plus we have a tenant moving out of one of our Rome props. It doesn't sound like much of a problem but it eats away at me knowing that I don't have the control like I want. Talk about playing the film over and over again in my mind. Hmm, coffee tastes real good at 2:45am!!!
Just to let you know you are not alone and the odd couple team of Jan and Jeremy have our rough times also.
A large glass of Merlot will be waiting for me tonite!!!...Jan

thanks dean

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yes even you mr. positive can have an off day.
as for me i try rolling that scenario in my mind, what's the worst that can happen what's the worst that can happen? too often though the a.d.d. gets in the way and i get sidetracked, but it keeps lingering on my mind.
duh, have to write it down and clear the clutter from my brain haha.
keep moving forward, rob


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Thanks for doing another weekly wisdom blog for us. The message this week hits home for many as there is always something that can get to people. It's how we deal with those struggles that can often define who we are and who we become. Thanks for the tip on dealing with things because so often then not, things may not be as bad as we believe them to be.

I also know that entrepreneurs usually try to do it all themselves. It is important to have others to assist with thoughts and advice along the way. The knowledge, ideas and inspiration of others may lead to new ideas or better solutions. I believe even successful CEOs need mentors too. I have seen the unchartered waters in Corporate America and experience can help get through anything.

As a former consultant for a large CPA firm, I often learned the "fresh" outside view can provide the insight needed to solve any issue or problem. When people are to close to the issue, they may not even see or realize how close the solution might be. One should never struggle when help is so close to grasp.

Good Luck and keep up the good work. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thanks for the Tip - This is What I do

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Great Tip - Thank You Dean.
This is what I do - It is called 'ANT's - V - CATs and is a mini visualisation that takes under 15 seconds, removes the negative thought and leaves you smiling! - It actually won the Brian Tracy Guest Blogger competition last year - and has changed my life totally! - here's the link ~
From being someone who used to have such bad panic attacks that I rarely went out - I now speak on stages and help others. I have also started a NFP that aims to utilise existing technology to pin-point every single charity, NFP and Community project in the world! - all this from a simple visualisation that really worked for me and thousands of other people from around the world.
In Gratitude ~ Jaki Smiling

Thanx Dean

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Really good advice, I look forward to your blog's every week to inspire me to make it in this business. I haven't got my first deal yet and I'm struggling with it but your wisdom and support is going to help me thru this. God bless you and hope to meet or speak to you in the near future

Write it down!

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Sometimes the worst does happen. If you write it down you have a plan.

Thanks Dean!

Kansas City, Missouri


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Thanks Dean for reminding us that you are human just like us, therefor explains your sbility to relate to our lives so well. What we see is clearer when we remember. Adversity is sweeter than silver and gold. Without it we would not grow.


Thanks for sharing what works for you

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It has been so helpful for me over the past year to start Monday morning off with your Words of Wisdom. I can always count on you being positive and uplifting. I know that you have things happen to you that I could not even imagine. I really had a great day yesterday and was feeling pretty good about myself. I was reminded Friday to forgive those who I feel are being a threat to me and turn it over to God. It is amazing how good it makes you feel when you forgive and let go. But while I am feeling good about myself, I feel even better using your method of following what is worrying me to its worst possible outcome, and realizing that I would still be OK even if the worst happened. Thanks again for sharing from your heart.

new blog

Thanks Dean: for this great advice. I look forward, to Mon mornings.Its another great blog. So many times I cannot sleep at night, always something on the mind. Thanks for the great push this morning, Have a great day, Carol in Texas

Valuable Lesson

Hi Dean
2 weeks ago I learned a valuable lesson...Never have anyone do any work for you without an estimate of what it will cost you even if it's family, friends, coworkers etc...I cried when I saw the bill, it was 3 times of what it should of cost and I had no idea what I was going to do... I couldn't sleep worried about how I was going to pay for it and like you said it's not the end of the world...
What came out of the whole ordeal was that I'm glad it was me instead of my customers...If I felt I was taken advantage of what about my customers.....It was god telling me that I was making a mistake of having them on my team....and it was the only way he could show me the way. I can sleep and move on. Yes it cost me dearly but I learned a lesson....Thanks Dean for bringing that up...

Wow thanks

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This couldn't have been posted at a better time. Thanks Dean! I committed to making sure I watch your Monday videos every week to help me stay on track and this video was great. I have been going through this same overthinking process. What you just recommeneded has such a huge benefit. The more I log in to this website the better I feel about making the choice to become a student of yours. This stuff is priceless!! Thanks again Dean.

don't lose precious sleep!

I have a tablet & pen next to my bed on which I can scribble, without turning on the light, what is bothering me. Most times I can fall right back to sleep then, it works like getting it out of my mind! In the morning I 'deal' with what ever it was I wrote down. I appreciate your suggestions of best and worst case scenarios!

Thank You

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That's absolutely awesome! Thank you


thanks for the wisdom. hope to have some properties soon. talking to some investoers.Yes im in the system at 4 and 5 in the morning as well. the need that kick in the pants. thanks

Thank you! Will take your

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Thank you! Will take your advice and write down the best and worst outcomes and know it all is a learning experience along the way. Just have to do it and let go of the worries! Thanks.

Worst Case Scenarios

Hi Dean, This happens to me too. I worry about how things will turn out. Making changes in my life, learning new things and wanting to do them exactly right such as wholesaling properties are stressful. What if I screw things up, what if this doesn't work out etc. Anytime there is change, the "what if scenario" comes along. It causes me to loose sleep.It drives me nuts. But like Sharon says it is a learning experience and that's a way to learn and grow from it. I think you are a very caring person, and you always try to what is best for you and your family. I think the strategy you are using will help me to sort things out better, and slow down the negative thoughts and help me make calm decisions. Thanks

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