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Victor Mejia
New York
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Hey DG family my name is victor you can call me vick. I'm a business student trying to become a REI. I'm 23 years old about to be 24 January 13. I have a two months old son and a beautiful wife. I've being struggling a lot with dead end jobs and sick of the same spiral of working paycheck by paycheck and not getting anywhere. I don't want to be 30 then 40 years old without having a sense security for me and my family (no offence to those who fall in that age range by the way, that is not what i'm trying to do). That's why i'm in this website and that's why I want to become a great Real Estate Investor. Even though, i haven't done my first deal yet, I can see my future as an investor and it looks awesome. I wish the best of luck for all investors in and I hope to make a lot of long term friends and hopefully long term REI partners.

I'm interested in assigning properties while I explore other areas of RE like wholesaling and flipping houses.

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thanks Greg. I'm mainly interested in assignment of contract and get my first deal done using this method. If you have assigned properties, advises on how to do it from your own personal experience would be highly appreciated. Also, i'm looking for positive minded people, so i'm looking possible REI partners. thanks again talk to you soon.


Im new as well but there is help and support on the site for everyone. Never give up and check site daily, looking back throught the blogs great and need to know info is posted everyday.

thank you

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yeah i have read a lot of the people's comments and they have helped me a lot and i think i made like a friend or two. I think has a lot to offer and I'm going to find out how to become one of those people that give great advises to others. thank you again.

P.s : well were are both new if you want we could bounce ideas from one another and and start getting deals done at the same time.