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Property price $160,000. Rehab, $40,000; Closing cost & Commission, $37,000, ARV, at least $375,000. One hard money lender offers 60% x ARV, 6 points, 13.5% interest rate, No prepayment penalty. Another hard money lender offers 65% x Purchase Price, 5 points, 13%, No prepayment penalty. If I am going to use those two lenders and none of my own money because I do not have it, how can I get the down payment as quickly as possible to avoid losing the deal? Please respond ASAP.

Property price $160,000.

What is the procedure to get started bird dogging?
What course would you recommend for beginners? For example, the "30 Day Case"


Wilmot R. Smallwood

Bird dogs

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Wilmot, I havnt done any bird dogging but I've recruited many. I have my bird dogs find me vacant junker houses, which are abundant in my city of Fresno California.
Once addresses are emailed to me, I sent them to my title Company that gets me lots of good info on them, the owners names and mailing addresses, tax records, size of house and lot. When it was last sold and for how much, then I send out letters to the owners offering to buy their houses.
If I get a call, I negotiate with seller, if it's a price that I can make some money I get it on contract and run it past my buyers. If a buyer wants it I have him sign my assignment of contract, and he starts escrow and if were lucky we get paid in under 30 days.
Reality is, many of these junk houses we cant locate the owners, or they are owned by the bank or they have serious liens an back taxes owed. It takes a lot of addresses to look at to do a few deals. Most bird dogs will crap out the first week. Cant blame them, its hard work, takes a while to get paid, and they have to have focus, determination and persistence.
Good luck.

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