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10:27 a.m.

Got a deal under contract but was not able to sell it because of various issues. Learned a lot in the process. Now I am starting fresh over but will institute changes so I will not have this down time again.

1. Will be interviewing for Real Estate Agents again. I will have at least three getting 10 properties a week for me to bid on. I am doing this because when you have only one agent when your one deal falls through you are then at the mercy of that one agent to get inspired again to send more deals your way. With three agents I will always have properties to bid on and multiple deals going on. I will then always have a team of people working on the most important aspect of this career--getting the offers out. Everything else stems from that.

2. Bid low. The first deal was a counter offer and I accepted it even though it was too high. I just wanted it to work so bad that I accepted it. I'm glad I did because I learned so much but if the house is not priced right it won't sell fast.

3. I am so blessed to have so many positive people routing for me. They may not understand all that I am doing but they listen to me, push me to continue, and look at my mistakes as learning opportunities. I am so thankful.

Do Overs

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I appreciate this. I just go finished reading the chapter on the benefits of agents.

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