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FairfieldCounty , Connecticut
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Previously, I had my own business where I sold returned goods and overstock items from such retailers as Bed Bath & Beyond, Model's, & Walgreens. I serviced the fifth poorest city in the nation, The Bronx, New York. The experience was so rewarding. To be surrounded by 25 New Yorkers or here my name being screamed atop apt. buildings beckoning me inside to see how what I peddled changed their home environment I will never forget.

Connecticut is a total 180. I do feel the same rush again, now through real estate. My phone has been ringing non-stop. I love it.

I love being with my girls. They are my heart. I am never down too long when my girls are around. I love to travel. My dream is to one day have property in all of my favorite U.S. cities. Then I will move onto my favorite international destinations. I love a great meal. Fancy resteraunts are fine but my fave is down home cooking at my parents. My mom has every spice, pot, pan, & kitchen gadget imagineable. I could spend all afternon with a glass of merlot, making edible masterpieces.

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Real Estate Wholesaler, Coffee importer
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yes yes yes

definately need direction. recieved deans video 3 days ago and haven't stopped. I have 2 agents i'm working with and 2 properties that if i had the money i would invest in. the agents are pushing me to make moves. i'm stalling. help!!!

agents pushing

The agents are working with you let them no what you want them to do.I am in the same boat,no money have to find buyers.Do not make a move until "YOU" are ready.


Thanks for stopping by!

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Hello Angela

Its always nice to network with local investors. What areas are you looking for properties? Are you looking for buyers that are looking to flip? Again, thanks for stopping by, and maybe we can get some deals done.


Rental Properties

I am looking for rental units, 30+ in each propertyThis will be an income property. I prefer if it if the apartment is in preforclosure or has one of those mortgages where the owner bought high an the bank had to put a percentage aside (i.e. 6%). I am open as to the area but prefer something as close to me as possible and in a city. Look forward to working with you. Let's get this money!!!
Angela Evertez
Real Estate Trader

Add me to your buyers and sellers list asap

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Go to your contribution and reply to blogs. Often

Your 392 points away from being in the inner circle see you there god bless